Nightlife and Casino Entertainment in Melaka

Malacca also called Melaka in the Malay language is a picturesque state situated in the southwest coast of Malaysia. Its only 148 kilometers away from Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia. This state is known from its hospitality that the tourists receive here. Most tourists from all over the world already start planning for their second trip even before they have left Malacca. Tourists are particularly intrigued by the Melaka nightlife which has so much to offer from the best casinos of the world to all other forms of pure entertainment. People that enjoy casino games and love excitement can find all the best legal casinos at Legal-Casino and get free bonus to try them. So let’s dive into a lifetime worth experience of Melaka nightlife.

Famous Restaurants & Bars

Melaka is popular for its Nyonya food tradition which is a fusion of Malay-Chinese food. Here we will tell you about 10 best restaurants and bars if you want to experience the true Melaka nightlife. If the main purpose of your holiday is to live local and try traditional Malaysian food,these are the places you must check out:

  1. The Baboon House: serves Malaysian, Asian, European, and American cuisines with the best Desserts. It is the best choice for burger lovers
  2. Geographer Café: a restaurant cum bar that serves the best Asian-western fusion food.
  3. Kedai Kopi Chung Wah: it is a Kopitiam ie a Malaysian-style café cum restaurant that serves a local dish- chicken rice balls. It is an ideal food joint for travelers on a budget
  4. Bulldog: serves Nyonya food and has a pub. It’s budget-friendly, stylish and has live music.
  5. Wa Zen Japanese Restaurant: if you are looking for Japanese food in Melaka, this is your place
  6. Movida Kitchen + Terrace: known for its beer, and cocktail varieties, it’s also famous for the local and international cuisines that has been served.

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Melaka nightlife :Luxurious Casino Resorts in

There are a number of casino resorts that are spots of all-around entertainment in one place. These all-inclusive hotels organize roof parties for their guests and the most spectacular thing about the entertainment in those parties is the private casino night on the roof where you can play poker, blackjack and many more slots games of your choice and experience the Melaka nightlife to its fullest. You can increase your confidence before entering some of these resorts by getting to know better the casino games. If you visit the Slots Inferno online casino, you will be granted free no deposit bonus codes and be entitled to free play, which is ideal for perfecting your knowledge and skills. The wide ranges of slot games will offer you the possibility to earn some real money while you are on the go and in the same time you will experience a high level of entertainment. Here is a list of resorts for you that are our personal favorite picks:

  1. Hotel Seri Costa
  2. Bayou Lagoon Park Resort
  3. Everly Resort Hotel Malacca
  4. Gold Coast Malacca International Resort
  5. DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Melaka
  6. Ibis Melaka
  7. Bayview Hotel Melaka
  8. Klebang Beach Resort

Best  Entertainment Time Spent Ever

If you ever visit Melaka you will know that we are not exaggerating a bit about the fascinating Melaka nightlife and all forms of entertainment that are given to you on a plate.  If the hospitality of the residents, the authentic flavors in the foods of Nyonya origin and the natural beauty and colonial structures of the city are not enough for your complete satisfaction, the best casinos in the resorts of the city will remind you of Las Vegas with a serene and quaint ambiance that will keep calling you back every time.

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