Top 10 must-try Malacca Food

Malacca Food

In the one word for one country quest, the list will look something like Pizza for Italy, Noodles for China, Biryani for India, Burgers for America then what for Malaysia? Malacca or Melaka is a Malaysian state that is a hub of Malaysian tourism from many aspects.

Malacca food is one of main attractions as well as need of the tourists visiting Malacca. Food is not a problem when in Melaka, you will get virtually everything from soups to noodles, sea food to red meat, chicken, rice and yummy deserts.

Here is the countdown of best Malacca Food

Below is the list of best 10 Malacca food that you must try.

1. Melaka Chicken Rice Ball

The Chinese Malay food adventure goes side by side. Chicken and Rice balls root down in Chinese land. Malacca cuisine offers most tender and yummy chicken with white rice that is bowled out in a plate. The first bite tells you, it is something out of the world. The dish is officially known as Melaka Chicken Rice Ball and it is one of the recommended food to try in Melaka.

2. Chicken Tandoori

That very crowded food stall by the end of street would be most probably of Chicken Tandoori. The key to get it is RUSH! The Tandoori Chicken in Malacca is specially roasted meat, especially chicken, which offers you less fatty but very yummy smoky foodstuff.

3. Asam Pedas Fish

It is a No-No to leave Malacca without eating fish. Asam Pedas is a specially cooked fish along with vegetables. The four main friends of fish in this soupy cuisine include tomato, green beans, lady finger and eggplant. The sour taste is added by soaking and squeezing juice of tamarind. You are free to eat up this bowl any way you like but rice is the most recommended supplement.

4. Satay Celup

The seasoned, grilled saucy meat Satay or sate is a blessing for semi-cooked food lover. The Satay celup and gravy sprinkled with vegetables and peanuts is a dish you won’t regret waiting for. Don’t turn down this menu item simply because it takes longer to serve, the delay is caused by its huge demand. You will insanely love this dish once eaten.

5. Nyonya Laksa

Sour and chilli flavors are your best friends in Malacca food world. Laksa is spicy food, Nyonya laksa is broth of chicken or prawns. The hot broth can be eaten with roasted naans or rice.

6. Nasi Lemak

To tempt you more for this dish, you should know that it is one of the national dishes. Rice and coconut milk are ingredients in this dish. A pandan leaf is also added for flavor. You must try it with banana leaf – something you would rarely try anywhere else (Spain is the other world to eat dishes with banana leaves).

7. Coconut Shakes

Want some extremely quick, simple yet extraordinary food during your Malacca stay? Coconut shakes are the best option and are abundantly available. You won’t believe until you have tried this drink that coconut water, milk, ice-cream and ice can do magic together.

8. Nyonya Kuih

Don’t miss your snack time in Malacca. After all you have had all the day’s long travelling and wandering in the fantasy theme parks, malls and fun lands. Malay cakes or the Nyonya Kuih are often smaller than cupcakes. These sweets cakes are made either from potatoes or rice flour. Often they put a pandan leaf inside to enhance the flavor. You will feel a tornado of taste in your mouth after eating one Malay cake.

9. Fried Oysters

Malacca food experience offers well fried oysters with a lot of eggs. Thus some call it oyster’s omelet too. Eggs and oysters bring you a great taste. More oysters are better. This will be probably the most unique oyster dish you will ever eat.

10. Desserts

Malacca is no-dieticians land. The aroma, dressing and taste – everything is too tempting about the food that you don’t need to be a food lover to fall for Malacca food. Traditional deserts Cendol and the western desert Crème Crepe both are recommended in Melaka. Cendol offers you sugary experience with ice, coconut milk and noodles combined. Crème Crepe is totally unavoidable. They offer you a plate of well decorated layered sweet dish covered with cream and custard. It is crispy put side, creamy inside dish sprinkled with sugar or coco powder. You don’t need intentions to start with Malacca desserts.

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