soo la kan Korean bbq restaurant

Soo La Kan Korean BBQ Restaurant in Melaka

Melaka is the hotspot for tourists, particularly after being named as a UNESCO heritage site in 2008. The city has a rich history and its present is also as diverse as its past. Many cultures left their footprints on the traditions, culture, values, and lifestyle of Melaka. You may easily find food belonging to every culture in Melaka. There are Indian, Japanese, Italian and Korean restaurants in Melaka that serve their signature dishes for Malaysians and the tourists. Soo La Kan Korean BBQ restaurant is also one of such places that serve must try food in Melaka.

Soo La Kan Korean BBQ Restaurant

Soo La Kan Korean BBQ restaurant is a highly favorable restaurant in Melaka, that delivers delicious Korean culinary; depending on the choice of its customers predominantly. The environment of this Korean restaurant is built in a way that its customers are given optimum priority as far as its service is concerned. The quality oriented banchan is being served that mainly offers at least twelve myriad banchans on a daily basis.

The most popular Korean meal is Korean BBQ; cost at around twelve Ringgits that is primarily served with the variety of barbecued dishes as Signature Pork-Belly, Kimchi Jiggae, Smoked Duck and Beef with spicy flavor as an added advantage. It also delivers imported drinks as Banana milk drink is pretty much famous here. Thus, the actual mission of this Korean restaurant in Melaka is to return their customers back home with a smile on their faces.
Koreans are known for their hospitality. This restaurant is no exception. The staff is quite friendly and humble. They will guide you if you do not know, what to order. They will ask about your preference and will also refer a dish that suits your taste. Moreover, they also ask you politely to try their special and signature servings.

At Soo La Kan Korean BBQ restaurant, you will easily spot a photo wall full of happy customers, which shows how much the restaurant values the customers. Service has been said to be excellent as staff is known to be friendly and welcoming. A good variety of banchan is also served; with ten to twelve varieties daily.
So, if you want to try authentic Korean food in Melaka, then Soo La Kan is the place to visit. Get your Korean BBQ fixes here and you are sure to leave with a happy tummy.

Address: Jalan Melaka Raya 1, 75000 Melaka, Malaysia
Phone: +60 6-286 0309
Visit their FourSquare Page

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