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Sirocco Restaurant Melaka – Serving Authentic Italian Food

Famous for the Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, Sirocco Restaurant Melaka is located at the ground floor lobby area of Holiday Inn Malacca. The hotel serves authentic Italian menu filled with salads, appetizers, pizza, soup, main course and desserts. Being located in one of the best hotels of Melaka, the restaurant is also among the great places to have a romantic lunch or dinner in Melaka.

Sirocco Restaurant Melaka

The Italian Restaurant features an open kitchen that exudes an aromatic fragrance of fresh ingredients with inviting and comfortable ambience for a perfect meal time. The table settings are simple and elegant while a huge chalkboard hangs over the kitchen to let you know the day special and signature dishes.


The various cuisines being offered at Sirocco Restaurant Melaka are listed below:-


The Sirocco Restaurant has a wide range of salad. Filled with crisp lettuce, beef bacon, crunchy croutons, and cheesy and anchovy Caesar dressing, the Sirocco Caesar Salad is a must try. Another salad that you must give a try is Rucola, Parmigianno, Balsamico, Olio Extra Vergine Fruttato. The bitterness of the rocket with tangy creamy dressing and sweetness of peppers bring wonders to your plate.


The menu also has 3 soups and all of them are full of flavor. Zuppa di Funghi, Aromatizzo Altartuffoc looks like broth that is creamy and thick with the earthy flavor of mushrooms, while Zuppa di Conghiglie is light creamy seafood chowder with hint of vegetables.


The pasta affair of Sirocco Restaurant Melaka is also a great one with Macaroni Alfredo, Aglio Olio e Pepperacino, Penne Boscaiola and Linguine Bolognese etc. If Aglio Olio e Pepperacino shows off the simple amalgamation of garlic, olive oil, herbs and chili and amped with prawns, then the Macaroni Alfredo puts a creamy and cheesy taste with the buttery flavor of a creamy sauce. Being one of the authentic Italian restaurant in Melaka, pasta is a must-try food item at Sirocco Restaurant.

If you are craving for a mushroom dish, then Penne Boscaiola is the one for you. With penne pasta smothered in a creamy mushroom sauce, cheese, and herbs, this dish will fill your appetite with flavors. Chefs at Sirocco are artists as they know how to create a great cream sauce that is not overly heavy, yet well balanced. Go for Linguine Bolognese if you prefer classic pasta with thick tomato and meat sauce.


The Italian food line is incomplete without pizza and Sirocco serves pizza with authentic Italian flavors. Pizzicosa has olives, beef salami, mozzarella, and chili in tomato sauce that will entice your taste buds. Or, enjoy Italian taste with Quattro Stagioni that has topping of chicken ham, beef bacon, beef salami, and olives. They even serve fish pizza. Crispy and crusty Salmon has smoked salmon with sour cream, executing yumminess with each bite that you have. If you want to try the best pizza in Melaka, you should go for one of the pizzas at Sirocco Restaurant.


Serving authentic Italian cuisine, and does not line up Italian desserts? Well, that is not impossible for Sirocco. The Restaurant serves best Tiramisu Trandizionale. With mascarpone cream sandwiching typical Savoyadri biscuits and flavored with Kahul and Bailey’s Irish cream with cocoas dust is a lip-smacking dessert to conclude your meal.

Melaka may have other Italian restaurants, but one with authentic flavors is hard to come by. Do visit the Sirocco Restaurant if you are craving for some Western food in Melaka and want to make your evening enjoyable with your partner in one of the best romantic restaurants in Melaka.

Address: Holiday Inn Melaka, Jalan Syed Abdul Aziz, 75000 Jalan Syed Abdul Aziz, Malacca, Malaysia
Phone: +60 6-285 9000
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