Restoran Tong Sheng – Savory Seafood Restaurant in Melaka

restoran tong sheng

Crispy prawns, crabs dipped in milky gravy, and squid fried in fiery sauce, it is all what one wants for a meal as delectable seafood. Being a famous city in Malaysia, Melaka is not short of seafood restaurants. Eateries from different cultures serve seafood in their own style with an amalgamation of local Malay flavors. Chinese seafood restaurants are also in abundance in Melaka, and Restoran Tong Sheng is one of them.

Restoran Tong Sheng Melaka

Tong Sheng is a quite a famous Chinese restaurant in Melaka. It is appreciated by both locals and tourist. The savory taste and quick service have spread its reputation via word of mouth. The restaurant is strategically located near the happening Mahkota Shopping Parade Shopping Mall. It’s closer to Melaka Central and is located opposite of Amy Heritage Restaurant. The restaurant is always crowded at dinner time.


Menu of the restaurant states a range of dishes to choose from. Their signature dishes that will make you visit it again are Cheese Prawn Beehon, Fresh Milk Crab, and Wasabi Prawns etc. You can easily notice that every table has Cheese Prawn Beehon which shows the popularity of its flavor. The prawns are fresh and well cooked in the cheese melted into the gravy. Sprinkled with julienne vegetables, the dish brings flavor to your palate. It is served in portions of small, medium and large with different prices.

The Fresh Milk Crab is another popular dish of Restoran Tong Sheng. The plate has the combination of sour and sweet taste. Crabs remain fresh and juicy and the milky gravy gives it a smooth texture. It has a minimum order deal and you have to order at least 2 crabs if you want to try it. It is served with complimentary toasted bread sticks with a dip. The fresh and tasty seafood dishes available at this restaurant make it one of the place to try best seafood in Melaka.

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Tong Sheng Special Beancurd is also recommended if you are visiting the restaurant. Salted egg adds flavor to the silky and soft steamed tofu. It tastes even better with a bowl of plain porridge or white rice. Horlick Prawn Balls are unique at Tong Sheng. The prawns are juicy and soft marinated with delectable sauce. You can find multiple choices for crabs such as Curry Fried Crab, Steam Salted Crab, Black Pepper Crab, and Salt Egg Crab. Tong Sheng also serves chicken and pork dishes for a change from seafood.

The Restoran Tong Sheng remains jam packed during peak hours. It is wise to reserve your beforehand or arrive by 7:00 pm as queue starts to form around 7:30 am. You will have to wait for your turn at an empty table. It takes around 30-45 minutes for food to be served which is understood given the ratio of customer present at a time. You may check-in on social network through their free Wi-Fi service as well.

The Melaka Food is popular among tourists & if you’re looking for a quality seafood restaurant in Melaka, you should visit Restoran Tong Sheng. You can also check out top 10 must-try food in Melaka for more information.

If you have visited Tong Sheng seafood restaurant in Melaka and would like to share your experience or recommend a dish, please leave comments below. You can also explore best restaurants of Melaka which is famous among locals as well as tourists.

Address: 377 & 378, Melaka Raya 6, Lorong 2 Jln Desa Duyong 3, Taman Melaka Raya, 75000 Melaka, Malaysia
Phone: +60 16-776 7811
Visit their FourSquare Page

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