Olio Italian Restaurant – Authentic Italian Restaurant in Melaka

Olio Italian Restaurant Melaka

The Melaka food scene is quite diverse with restaurants from almost every culture of the world. You can easily find spicy Indian food, light and traditional Chinese and Japanese cuisines, typical Korean dishes, and Western food in Melaka. The Olio Italian Restaurant in Ramada Plaza Melaka is one of its kind as it serves probably the best Italian food in the city.

Olio Italian Restaurant Melaka

The Olio Italian Restaurant in Melaka is located in the Ramada Plaza. Its presence compliments the overall outlook of the Plaza. It is as elegant and tranquil as the Ramada Plaza. It is also one of the authentic Italian restaurant in Melaka that serves great pasta & pizza.


The Olio Italian Restaurant exudes a warm Mediterranean feel with its walls, tiles, wooden furniture with candles and mood lightings. The ambience it creates engulfs guests in a relaxing mood. Their open kitchen at the entrance assures you that you are served healthy and safe food prepared in hygienic conditions.

This is definitely an expensive restaurant, located on the second floor of the Ramada Plaza Melaka Hotel. The restaurant has a nice, rustic, romantic ambience. The live music can special and enjoyable for some. I believe that the type of music and presentation does not correspond to a traditional Italian restaurant, but more of a pub.


Italian cuisine lovers will find Olio Italian Restaurant as the only house that serves good Italian food in Malacca. The menu has a mix of Italian and Western food. The food is good. Nice and warm bread are presented as soon as you place an order, accompanied by a trio of mini butter, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. The salad is fresh with a mild dressing.

Pizzas are thin crust and well prepared when you love it so. Tandoori Chicken Pizza has generous portion, enough to feed two people. Chicken does not radiate enough flavor of spice and Tandoori Pizza tasted better with fresh tomato sauce, rather than have of Tin. It is true Italian would be great with pork ham, is obviously not possible, but the menu is creative to have a very good choice. With the meat so chunky, fresh and tender, lamb rack & the beef is another must try at Olio Italian Restaurant.

The wine selection is very limited and quite expensive, but worth the price. Dessert line of an Italian restaurant is incomplete without a serving of Tiramisu. Their tiramisu is delectable and yummy to the last bite. The Restaurant has a very friendly staff to serve you as well.

If you’re looking for a romantic fine dining restaurant in Melaka, try Olio Italian Restaurant and you will not be disappointed. Learn more about best Melaka Restaurants that are must-try and offer variety of cuisines.

Address: Ramada Plaza Melaka, Jalan Bendahara, 75100 Malacca, Malaysia
Phone: +60 6-284 8888
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