Man Yuan Fang Vegetarian Restaurant Melaka for Veggie Lovers

Man Yuan Fang Vegetarian Restaurant Melaka

Melaka is the hotspot tourist city of Malaysia where people belonging to every race, religion, and ethnicities visit all around the year. One of the major concerns for many tourists is the availability of their preferred food which may sometimes become a hassle. After visiting famous places and Malacca attractions, they need to fill their appetite. Most of the problems are faced by vegetarians as they religiously follow no-meat rules and quest for Vegetarian restaurant in Melaka. Man Yuan Fang is the restaurant established to solve such problems of vacationers.

Man Yuan Fang Vegetarian Restaurant

Founded in 2010, Man Yuan Fang is located about 15-minute walk from the famous Jonker Street Malacca. It is also a few steps away from Plaza Mahkota and from the majestic Mahkota Parade Shopping Mall. Its strategic location makes it easily accessible for tourists who just want to have a healthy meal after a tiresome shopping trip.

You will love this place if you are a vegetarian, but you will still love it if you are not fond of veggies. Their menu with Chinese and Western cuisine with unique fusions makes dishes delectable and healthy for vegetarians and non-veg alike. Man Yuan Fang is not only famous for its main course but also for the wide choice of herbal teas. A refreshing tea with appealing aroma is just what you need after a long day and a great meal.


Starting from the exterior, the Man Yuan Fang restaurant is quite appealing from outside as well. Stretched two shop lots with glass windows and doors, the place is spacious and the interior is on display from outside. They have a very basic décor with the flashing signage that tells the restaurant’s name and the genre of food they have. Contrary to its basic exterior, the interior of the restaurant is quite posh urban. With white walls and minimal furniture, the space radiates a unique ambience. The space is designed keeping in mind the vegetarian menu as the environment is cozy and quite refreshing.

Unique Vegan Recipes

Man Yuan Fang Vegetarian Restaurant Melaka Menu

Man Yuan Fang is well known in Melaka for its fusion of food. They create a little different version of vegetarian food with the amalgamation of Western and Asian touch. Their À la carte menu will surprise you with the wide range of vegetarian dishes that include appetizers, soups, sandwiches, salads, and lots of main courses. The best thing is that each and every thing of menu is available at the restaurant which is quite unlikely in a place with an extensive menu. Their wide variety of mock meat is the feature that makes this place favorite for non-vegetarians.

For instance, Deep Fried Fish Slices are their signature dish. Drizzled with sweet coconut salt will tempt you with the aromatic scent. Deep dried assorted soybeans are the surprise elements which gives you the taste and texture of deep fried fish. Vegetarian Roasted Duck is another mock meat dish which will you started with its taste. Prepared with soy derived mock meat and scrumptious crispy outer skin, the dish will leave the taste of duck in your mouth.

Conclude your great meal with Pumpkin and Sago with the natural sweetness and smooth texture, making it a perfect dessert that is light, healthy, and tasty. Finish off with your visit to the place with Mix Flower Tea, brewed up with several types of dry flowers and tea leaves.

Do check our blog about another place for great Vegetarian cuisine, Veggie Planet Vegetarian Restaurant and let us know about your experience in the comments section below. You can learn more about best food in Melaka as well.

Address: G35 & 37, Jalan PM4 (Plaza Mahkota), 75000 Bandar Hilir, Melaka, Malaysia
Phone: +60 6-288 1110
Visit their FourSquare Page

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