Long Fatt Teow Chew – Authentic Chew Porridge in Melaka

Long Fatt Teow Chew

Teochew porridge is nothing like mushy and runny rice porridge in a bowl, but it is cooked rice grains in soupy broth, consumed with different Chinese or other local dishes. Typical Teochew Porridge shops have steamed and fried fish, pork, beef, squid, eggs, boiled vegetables etc. But. Finding a Chinese restaurant in Melaka that serves authentic Teo Chew Porridge is a bit tricky as most of them have adopted contemporary styles of cooking. Long Fatt Teow Chew Restaurant is the one that still serves typical Teochew porridge in Melaka.

Long Fatt Teow Chew Porridge

Long Fatt Teow Chew Porridge is almost a century old Chinese restaurant in Melaka. It is quite an unorthodox choice given the presence of various attracting eateries in Melaka. The place serves traditional Portuguese Seafood, Nyonya Cuisine, Rice Balls, and their special Porridges. Long Fatt Teow Restaurant is also known for retaining the rustic charm of pre-war shop house, bearing origins from 30’s or prior.

It is a small family run restaurant which was established more than 80 years ago. The owner who still works at the restaurant was an immigrant from Shantou, Guangdong. It nestles near the western end of the wholesale and warehouse street Kampung Pantai next to a small Aw Hai Tien Buddhist temple. When the restaurant opened up years ago, its backdoors opened right onto the Melaka River. The deliveries of the hotel were made through boats carrying goods from the ships anchored in Melaka Port.


The ambience is relaxing and exudes an old school charm with the oldest member of the family ferrying food from kitchen to display counters. Chirps of songbirds from antique bird cages hung over the kitchen fill the premises. It seems like the old Chinese folks working at Long Fatt Teow Chew Porridge, find great peace in these birds as the cages are quite Chinese. In older days, men from China in Taipei used to carry these cages everywhere.


If you prefer home cooked food, then Long Fatt Teow Restaurant is the place to go in Melaka. They have a wide variety of authentic Toechew dishes to have with porridge or rice. The must try dishes are Asam fish, Salted vegetable, Braised pork & small intestines.

Their Asam Fish is equally famous amongst locals and vacationers. Quenched in a spicy orange-red tamarind based broth, a palm sized ‘ikan selangat’ is cooked for more 10 hours on slow flame. Slow cooking makes it tender and juicy with a rather muted sour and spicy taste, unlike the Asam pedas served around Melaka. The intense and extended cooking softens its bones and you can easily gulp down the entire fish in one go.

Stewed pumpkin is another signature dish of Long Fatt Teow Chew Porridge. The pulpy consistency gives it a fantastic texture to devour your dish. Its nutty richness is balanced by the fieriness of scallion leaves and the mustard is toned down to give a velvety sweetness of the southern American style. Whitebait caramelized shallots is a tempting delight which will make you crave for more. Porridge served in the Long Fatt Teow Restaurant are kept at the right temperature and cooked to the traditional standard of Teochew.

The shop remains open from Monday to Saturday (closed on Sundays and Public holidays). It opens doors around 8:30 am but it is wise to drop by 11:00 am onwards when all the dishes are ready to be served.

Address: No.15, Jln Kampung Pantai, Melaka, 75200, Malaysia
Phone: +60 19-364 6682
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