Hoe Kopitiam at Tanjung Kling Melaka – For Coffee & Halal Food

Melaka is a place where you can witness diverse cultures and traditions. Its historical places and serene landscapes spellbound vacationers with its beauty. Sipping coffee and having a simple meal at some corner restaurant or coffee shop is all what a tourist may desire for making their morning more peaceful. Hoe Kopitiam at Tanjung Kling is also amongst such places that serve good coffee and halal food in Melaka.

Hoe Kopitiam Melaka

Hoe Kopitiam at Tanjung Kling is not a coffee shop that you stumble upon every other day. It is unique as it possesses a Mamak style of eatery. Their food is a unification of Indian and Malay flavors. The coffee shop is located in one of the fishing villages in Melaka, i.e. Tanjung Kling. The shop does not only serve creamy coffees, but also has halal dishes for Muslims. Despite being located in a remote place of Melaka, the coffee shop still receives a fair number of customers every day.


Despite being a small restaurant, Hoe Kopitiam does not sell or cook pork dishes. This practice is continued for more than twenty years and makes it a favorite spot for Malay and Chinese alike. Their serving style is also different from the contemporary Melaka eateries. The presentation style is derived from the South Indian Culture as the cooked food is served on a leafy structure plucked from banana trees. Spicy and tasty mixture of Malay and Indian flavors, Mee Goreng Mamak is a must try at Hoe Kopitiam. Mee Goreng and Yong Tau Foo are the seafood that deserves a try.

The coconut shake and Nasi Lemak Bungkus are the show stealers, as well. Being a coffee shop, it is impossible to not have your hands on their coffee made with raw beans and the Latte is creamy.

A Place to Experience

The Hoe Kopitiam is not only a mere place to have a delicious seafood in Melaka or Hainanese brew coffee, but it is a corner to enjoy the “kampong” village atmosphere. It works as a bonding place where people from different religions, races, and cultures get together for coffee and share their experiences. Fishermen from the village also visit this place frequently, giving a chance for tourists of knowing their culture and listening to their everyday stories.

The Hoe Kopitiam coffee shop operates from 7:00 am to 4:30 pm. It is a nice idea to drop by this old Kopitiam while you are on your way to or fro Hang Tuah’s Mausoleum that is just 300 meters away from the coffee shop. With its ambience and old school charm, Hoe Kopitiam surely serves good food in Melaka.

If you have visited Hoe Kopitiam restaurant and would like to share your experience, please add comments below. To know more about the places that serves good coffee, you can checkout best Melaka Cafe’s.

Address: Tanjung Kling, Hainam Village, Melaka, Malaysia.
Business Hours: 7am till 4:30pm

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