Eleven Bistro & Restaurant, Portuguese Restaurant in Melaka

Eleven Bistro & Restaurant Melaka

Melaka, Malaysia is inhabited by various races and ethnicities. The city was also invaded and ruled by different cultures like Dutch, Chinese, Portuguese and British. Every culture has left a footprint on it history, as well on its present. Food of Melaka is no exception. Its food has taste of every culture. If Melaka has a myriad of tourist attractions, then having its food is also a must thing to do in the city. Eleven Bistro & Restaurant is a place where you will find a cultural ambience with delectable fusion of food.

Eleven Bistro & Restaurant Melaka

The Portuguese left Melaka 500 years ago, but they left their unique taste of food. Eleven Bistro & Restaurant is the place where Melaka local food and Portuguese food is fused together to form a unique taste which you will not find anywhere else in the city. It is the place that offers unique local cuisine, which you cannot afford to miss in Melaka. The restaurant has their own recipes through which they serve the best to the guests.

The place is quite easy to locate. It is located on the smaller lane next to the infamous Jonker Walk in Melaka. You just have to look out for Geographer Café and turn into that backstreet. The cool and calming ambience of the restaurant is its unique selling point. It is a place where vacationers come to enjoy the family-pub environment along with lip-smacking Melakan food with the touch of Portuguese taste.

The way they Cook

Cooking style of Eleven Bistro is different from other Melakan restaurants that serve authentic Nyonya or Portuguese food. What Eleven Bistro does is improvising typical Portuguese dishes with the typical Nyonya ingredients. The locals may find it hard to get used to such taste as they are accustomed to authentic Portuguese or accurate Nyonya food. But, vacationers may find it fascinating as the cuisines are full of characteristics.


If you want to try out Melaka western food, The Eleven Bistro is a restaurant to visit. The bistro has many special dishes, but we will recommend you a few based on our experience. Hai San Baked Fish is one of their best cuisines. It is not as spicy as it seems so do not be fooled by its spicy gravy and must order it once. The Salted Egg Crab is another mouthwatering dish in which crabs are tossed in salty egg gravy.

If you do not mind ditching your diet plans and ready to have one high in cholesterol dish, then Fried Fish Roe is the one to have. You would love how this dish offers a generous amount of fish roe in each bite. Nestling inside the crispy and crunchy batter, the fish roe will melt in your mouth.

Marinated in local Gula Melaka (palm sugar) and Santan (coconut milk), Gula Melaka Chicken Wing is Eleven Bistro’s specialty which you will not find anywhere else. Portuguese Devil curry chicken served with the name Portuguese Dable Curry Chicken is a must order. It is not as spicy as it seems but can intimidate foreign tongues that are not habitual of piquant food.

So, with these recommendations, Eleven Bistro and Restaurant is a must place to visit in Melaka for your next visit. Depending on what you choose and what your taste buds approve, the dishes they serve can be a hit or a miss.

Address: 11, Jalan Hang Lekir, 75200 Malacca Town, Melaka, Malaysia
Phone: +60 6-282 0011
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