Best Food in Melaka, A 5 Minute Guide

Best Food in Melaka can be found in Jonker Street

You will remember Melaka as a place rich in heritage and historical site. The beauty of Melaka lies within it’s simplicity. The mix culture offers a lot of good food options for the visitors.

Best Food in Melaka Guide

Here is the five minute guide for you about the best food in Melaka. Read on as you might find it handy when in Melaka.


You can have western or local dishes in the breakfast stalls and restaurants of Melaka, but the pancakes serve best. Pancakes with black coffee make up great combination for the breakfast. The spicy breakfast menu item is Bruschetta. It is a serving of toasted ciabatta bun or ginger bread with grilled tomato and roasted mushroom. The taste of this breakfast meal can be enhanced by adding olive oil and pepper. The presentation of the Bruschetta is quite like a pizza. Whether you go for a light menu at breakfast or the heavy one; the taste is absolutely unique being a blend of local-foreign tastes.

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Melaka certainly offers you a King’s feast at lunch. There are so many things to try at the lunch table so you are recommended to start with an appetizer. Mushroom soups are most common starters here. The main food at the lunch time can be rice or bread.

The chicken rice balls are most favorite dish at the lunch and probably one of the best food in Melaka.

However, you may explore other great tastes of Melaka including sea food noodle dishes and the tandoori (roasted) spicy chicken. You will be served with salads with all most all the dishes. The best feature of Malaccan food is that a meal is a whole serving comprised of various items in little quantities rather offering a plate full of single item, like rice or chicken.


Sweet dishes of Malacca are very nicely presented. The local as well as contemporary desserts are available easily.

The first dessert you will be told to try in Melaka is the Malacca Chendol. This dessert is a serving of crushed ice, jelly, dry fruits especially peanuts, corn ice-cream, and cream. Second bowl of Chendol is almost irresistible.

You may also try Coconut Crème Caramel. Coconut flavor is a common taste in Melaka. The crème caramel is particularly choice of those that are fan of English tastes.


Two best drinks available in Melaka are coffee and shakes. There are too many too good food items in Melaka, but coffee is one of those items that are available in a huge variety. You would find over 12 types of coffee only in Calanthe Art Café. You may like a coffee here in morning and a glass of coconut shake at Coconut Shake stall in the evening. These stalls are busy serving customers all the time and most of the time after noon, dozens of people sit by the open air area and enjoy the coconut flavored shakes.


They say, “Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince, and dinner like a beggar”. But, a beggar-like dinner is almost impossible in Melaka especially in the Jonker Street. There is too much to eat that you are recommended to talk a good walk to the hotel you are staying in to help yourself.

You may like to try Nyonya food (Chinese origin) at Jonker Street. Some great foods here are Nancy’s Kitchen’s food, Chop Chung Wah Chicken Rice Ball, Lorong Hang Jebat, and Tee Soon Loong Chan Teo. They serve you great Cendols, rice, soups, noodles and sea food. So don’t miss out this best food in Melaka option from Nancy’s Kitchen.

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