Jonker Street Melaka (Malacca)

Visit Jonker Street Melaka (Malacca) for non-stop Fun!

If you just came from Singapore then you probably know what Bugis street is all about. Same goes for the Petaling street in Kuala Lumpur. In Melaka we have Jonker Street. The long alley is equally popular among locals & tourists and visit to Jonker Street is among best things to do in Melaka.

Jonker Street Melaka Highlights

The Jonker Street Melaka is center of city in many aspects. A traveler could find here only antique shop once but the street has grown bigger over time. You will now find a lot of food, clothes, masks, souvenirs and great shopping opportunities.  Jonker Street Melaka is like jinnee of fun enclosed in a small bottle. You will find craft shops that won’t let you leave Malaysia without buying some unique gifts for your family and friends.

The Jonker Street Melaka was once the attraction for rich and wealthy people only, but now it is visitor’s highest priority when in Melaka.

Shopping at Jonker Street

For the shopping maniacs, the central boulevard of Chinatown; The Jonker Street Malacca is an enchanting opportunity. You can shop for hours without feeling tired here. The place captures your mind and offers you a huge variety of things that you are bound to wonder what to buy and what to leave. The Malaccan boutiques do not just offer you dress that you can wear only within Malaysia. Just try a Melaka hat or shoes and you will fall for its delicacy and design.

You can find endless shopping options and stall on both sides of the street. These stalls are run by locals and you will find many Malaysian specific products. You will also find replica of handbags from top brands like Gucci, LV, Channel and others. You will also find selective stalls of various local artists and their creativiey will mesmerize you for sure.

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Jonker Street Food

There is always something to do great in Malacca so you won’t find yourself wasting time to ask questions like what to do in Melaka. Fun, dining and visiting historical places is the obvious answer.

Jonker Street Melaka is the center of activity for the food lovers. It is one of those places you will refer as the best food venue in your life.

You got out in the street with plan to eat something because you had a growling tummy or your mouth watered simply by the sight of food on stalls, you will find all the food attractions you can imagine. Desserts, tarts, sweet and sour dishes, chicken, fast food and drinks- you probably have to re-check your cuisine dictionary to find something absent in the street. Coconut flavor is a must try. You can have coconut shakes, ice-creams or desserts. Fish would be another must-try since Jonker Street fish balls gives you most tender and unforgettable flavor.

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Jonker Street Night Market

Nights never sleep in Melaka. Rather the nights are brighter and more colorful. Especially the nights of Friday and Saturday are worth experiencing. The street shuts down the traffic after the sun sleeps and the party begins. The Jonker Street night market is the fun festival with continuous local music playing in the background.


You can find the Jonker Street Melaka near the Cheng Hoon Teng Temple & within walking distance from The Stadhuys. The fun can be multiplied by going to street after sunset, taking friends, and not hasting. Take your time and let the party begin.

Jonker Street Melaka is so popular among the tourists that local authorities had given Jonker Walk experience name to this street.

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