Melaka River View

Melaka River, once a Trade Center now a Tourist Spot

Historically, the cities beside the rivers were the most attractive places for settlements as well as trade. Malacca has a rich historical as well as landscape features. The Melaka River flows through the city.

Melaka River Highlights

Melaka river was once used for the purpose of trade, especially during the time of 15th century, but today it is a tourist spot with one of the best natural design. The Malacca River flows by the streets and offers a great view particularly when the lights reflect in water at night.

Melaka River flows at the heart of the city

The Melaka river flows through the mid of city. The river cuts the district at the foot of St Paul’s Hill near the Heeren Street and Jonker Street. Thus, the river enjoys both natural beauty and the human construction around it.

Malacca River let you capture amazing snaps

Malacca River let’s you capture some of the amazing snaps!

Enjoying River voyage

The tourists and locals enjoy the river through Melalka River Cruise. Small boats that can carry 20 to 40 passengers travel through the river and offer a great site of the city. The visitors enjoy passing through the streets, viewing and capturing historic buildings, old warehouses and Churches in their cameras. The site is great and you would love to know that some of Hollywood movies are also shot here, including Sean Connery’s Entrapment.

The trip of Melaka River Cruise takes around 45 minutes. The cruise begins after short intervals or if there are at least eight passengers.

What is the best time to visit?

You can visit Melaka River any time. The scene is great, however, in the morning and at night specially. The cruise begins at 9:00 am and can be enjoyed any time before 11:30 pm. The departure of the cruise depends upon the season. During high tide, one cruise departs after almost every 30 minutes.

Night and Day

More passengers like to travel through the river during the day. This is not because the river is a less fun during night, but because a more clear view of the city can be observed during the day. You are also recommended to have a Melaka River Cruise during the day, but if you like, you can simply walk by the river at night too.

Melaka River Maintenance

The administration maintains the river and cleans it regularly. So, you are also guided to maintain the beauty of the environment by disposing off garbage responsibly. The constructions by the river have a beautiful design and the residents also take care of the river, its beauty and cleanliness.

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