Malacca Butterfly Park & Reptile Sanctuary – Taman Rama Reptilia

Malacca Butterfly Park

Melaka, a UNESCO world heritage site in Malaysia offers plenty of attractions to the tourists aside from the historical ones. One of the distinctive tourist attractions in Melaka is Malacca Butterfly Park & Reptile Sanctuary. This tourist attraction is located in Ayer Keroh and also known as Taman Rama Rama & Reptilia Melaka in local language. It is home to a vast species of beautiful and interesting animals such as butterflies, lizards, snakes & crocodiles.

Malacca Butterfly Park & ​​Reptile Sanctuary

The Malacca Butterfly Park & Reptile Sanctuary is stretched to 11 hectare area. The sanctuary was opened in 1991 for the public, and since then it has the honor of housing more than 200 local species of butterfly and insects including the rare ones Birdwing and Raja Brooke. The butterfly park also has more than 400 specimens of insects. This is mainly the safe haven for butterflies, but the place also showcases several species of reptiles that include spiders, snakes, scorpions and insects for visitors’ amusement. The park is divided into different sections mentioned below:

Butterfly Garden

The first and foremost attraction of the Malacca Butterfly Park & Reptile Sanctuary is the walk-through Butterfly garden. This place houses hundreds of butterflies, flying freely, making the place vibrant with colors and happiness. The garden offers the view of more than 200 different species of butterflies such as Malayan Birdwing, Black and White Helen, and the Rajah Brooke’s Birdwing. Once in the butterfly garden, you will feel the freedom that these butterflies exhilarate.

Koi River Valley

The most serene section of the Malacca Butterfly Garden & Reptile Sanctuary is Koi River Valley that has hundreds of colorful carps swimming around in the exquisitely designed ponds, along with miniature waterfalls, and encircled by the tropical plants. The garden has 250 meters long canopy walk that makes it a beautiful sight for photographs. Wild Photo Lane is another place for photos to take as souvenirs with the butterflies and reptiles of the sanctuary. You are allowed to take close-up and personal shots with the red-tailed boa, Burmese Python, giant iguana and more.

Reptile Aviary

Reptile Aviary is the place in the Malacca Butterfly & Reptile Sanctuary, where various species of reptiles can be found crawling and living their natural lives. Here you can spot pythons, boas, cobras, and vipers. The wondrous giant Burmese python and the 20ft reticulated python. If you do not like reptiles, particularly snakes then you must watch out your steps as the long-nose whip snakes that have green scales and twig-like slender bodies are hiding in the leaves of trees in the aviary.

Passing by the lizards exhibit section you will see a small camouflaged section of the park. It is the place where mighty reptiles, the crocodiles live. However, they look quite lazy and only movement you can observe is when they move their heads. In this section is the caged duo of golden leopard, which offers a great sight to see.

The Hotel Seri Malaysia Melaka is located 1.6 km from the Malacca Butterfly Park & Reptile Sanctuary and offers accommodation with a good value for money with free Wi-Fi. So, if you’re looking for an accommodation nearby, it should be your first choice.

The closely watched reptiles, especially snakes, of course, will make visitors better understand the life and habitat of animals is often misunderstood. Not just an ordinary butterfly garden, a fee of RM12 for adults and RM7 for children 3-12 years it is worth a visit to enjoy. The Melaka Butterfly Park & Reptile Sanctuary is open daily from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm. The location is adjacent to the Ayer Keroh toll exit and adjacent to Philea Resort & Spa.

If you’re traveling with young kids then you should visit Malacca Butterfly & Reptile Sanctuary as the kids will learn a lot watching these rare species. Another similar attraction you should visit is Melaka Zoo which is also the second largest zoo in Malaysia.

Address: Lebuh Ayer Keroh, 75450 Ayer Keroh, Malacca, Malaysia
Phone: +60 6-232 0033

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