Jonker Walk Melaka, a Must have Experience in Malacca

Jonker Walk Melaka

She walks in beauty, like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies
And all that’s best of dark and bright
Meet in her aspect and her eyes

Jonker Walk Melaka, once upon a time ..

Probably she was walking in Malacca because the Jonker Walk Melaka is a beautiful journey where every feeling is magnified from love to inspiration and the craving to eat and buy.

There are finest vehicles in Melaka yet people prefer to walk and enjoy slow drift by the side of shops and stalls, because they can feel the fun of walking. No horns and no rush.

Jonker Walk Melaka is an amazing experience and among one of the recommended Melaka tourist attraction. It introduces you to fun, culture and the history simultaneously. A memory you might not forget easily.

Midway Stalls

Zodiac Chopping Sticks Jonker Walk Melaka
Zodiac based chopping sticks is one among hundred things you can buy in Jonker Walk Melaka

Unlike anywhere else in the world, stalls in the mid of street do not bother you in Melaka. You won’t find people complaining about the number of shops rather it feels like much more can be added. You can find a whole world of shopping in a single stall that will keep you engaged for a considerable time. No one hastes here because the Jonker Walk Melaka is the energizing activity.

Heaven for Bargain lovers

Jonker Walk Melaka Bargaining
You can try your barganing skills in Jonker Walk Melaka!

If you want to buy some antique crafts from the street and love bargaining, Jonker Street belongs to you. Now commonly referred to as the Jalan Hang Jebat, you can walk in the street and find some antique items as old as 300 year. In the sophisticated malls of the world, you won’t be able to ask the price of such an item twice. But here, everything is so affordable that you can buy things for your friends too. Although a flood of stalls and restaurants wave in the Jonker Street, the fans like to walk around and buy things while eating.

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Rush not Mess

Random wall art at Jonker Street Melaka
Random wall art at Jonker Street Melaka

There are too many people and shops as you cross the gate of Jonker Walk Melaka but this must not push you back rather encourage you that the place got fun time. It is a walk through historical market where the stalls are decorated with local cultural themes. Dragons, red and yellow balloons and the lights, you don’t need to ask anyone about the history and culture of the place; it lives there. It is the popularity of Jonker Walk that no one ever thought of shutting it down or reducing the shops to make it more spacious.

What makes Jonker Walk stand out

There are a few things that you can count on your fingers as the specialty of Jonker Walk Melaka:

  • While standing on the stall, you do not worry to clear path for traffic. It is already closed for you.
  • Don’t miss baby octopus and oyster omelets since it is not easy to find these every where.
  • You would find food, clothes and products everywhere in the world, culture would not necessarily be there.

Jonker Walk Melaka Map & Directions

Jonker Walk is within 10 to 15 mins walking distance from Stadthuys Melaka and nearby Cheng Hong Teng Temple.

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