Eye on Melaka – Once Tourist Attraction, Now History

Eye on Melaka

Many of the tourist destinations in the world are best known for the tourist attractions they provide. Melaka is best known for being a UNESCO world heritage city and the strait of Malacca is the longest strait in the world. There are other notable tourist attractions in Melaka as well.

Eye on Melaka

Eye on Melaka is a Ferry wheel / observation wheel located in the central Melaka on the bank of Malacca River. The 60 meter tall Ferry wheel provides an excellent view of the Straits of Malacca & Melaka River.

Eye on Melaka is a portable Ferris wheel inspired by the likes of London Eye and Singapore Flyer. It was first operated in Kuala Lumpur for the celebration of the year 2007 in Malaysia. Mainly a tourism activity as Malaysia is one of the tourist attraction in South East Asia.

Menara Taming Sari which takes tourists to the high altitude as compared to the Ferry wheel. The charm and beauty of Eye on Melaka still attract thousands of tourists. Eye on Melaka ceased operation in 2010 pending legal dispute with the owner. There was another project started in Melaka to build a 85meter Ferry wheel by the name “The Malaysia Eye” on Pulau Melaka. The project was never completed and another similar project was started to build a 13th largest Ferry wheel in the world (110 meter), but still it is work in progress.

The Ferry wheels attract tourists and are equally liked by kids & people of all ages. Melaka is already known for being the world heritage site. We hope to see new Ferry wheel installation in this historical city soon.

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