A Famosa Fort Melaka

A Famosa Fort – 16th Century Portuguese Fortress in Melaka

Would you like to visit a historical place this vacations or will respond to the call of lush green nature? Well, we suggest both, especially when A Famosa Fort Melaka offers you a rich travel experience to a fort in the backdrop of green color. Visit to A Famosa Fort is also one of the recommended things to do in Melaka.

A Famosa Fort Highlights

A Fomosa Fort was built by Portuguese. The remains of the fortress are reconstructed and you can observe the gate and the watch tower. Today’s A Famosa Fort consider as one of the main tourist attraction in Melaka. It is a main heritage site well preserved by local authorities.

How A Famosa Fort is unique?

A Fomosa Fort stands as a reminder of the Portuguese arrival in the Malaysian land. It is a small episode of 16th century and a visitor feels like travelling back through time tunnel. The fort still has some of the fixtures that were actively used in fifteenth century and onwards. A cannon saluting outside the door reminds of the military use of a farmosa in past. There are no fences or boundaries around the fort and the visitors can see, touch and feel the fort while taking pictures.

A Famosa History

In early 16th century around 1511, a Portuguese commander Afonso de Albuquerque brought his fleet to Malaysia. His forces captured Melaka and starting establishing buildings here to use for the military purposes. The Portuguese thus built this fort that once had long walls and big four towers. There were warehouses and storage rooms in the fort too. The captain and the soldiers had their offices and quarters in the fort, but today, there is only the front portion of the A Famosa Fort that stands there.

Dutch & British Invasions

In mid of the seventeenth century, Dutch soldiers entered Malacca and drove out the Portuguese soldiers. They brought changes in the fort and altered the arch of the gate. Then the British took over and captured the land and the fort in early 19th century. The British were worried if they could not protect the fort from the French forces of Napoleon thus, destroyed the fort in 1806.

The standing portion of A Famosa Fort was saved by Sir Stamford Raffles who founded the modern Singapore later. He asked to spare the front of the fort to save it as history of the era.

Preservence of A Famosa Fort

The fort was covered in the dust of time and its middle part was uncovered in 2006 when the administration was building a revolving tower here. When the labors dug the soil, they found the Middelsburgh Bastion. Thus the taming sari tower was shifted to its current location. Another main part of the tower, the watchtower Santiago Bastion was discovered in 2003 when there was construction of Dataran Pahlawan.

What is best time to visit?

The best time to visit A Famosa Fort is probably early in the morning when there is clear blue sky. You will be able to witness a fort which was once built for the city defence and you can also take a walk up to A Famosa hill and pay a visit to St Paul’s Church.

You can catch a nice panaromic view of Melaka city from top of the hill as well.

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