Singapore to Melaka by Bus, A Journey full of Excitements

Singapore to Melaka by Bus

Apologies Wright Brothers: your invention (the planes) is great, but buses are still fun in most parts of the world. Especially when the distances are short and the place is as beautiful as Melaka, nobody would like another means than bus.

Singapore to Melaka by Bus

Singapore to Melaka by bus is a three to four hour ride from Singapore to Melaka and full of anxiousness for the tourism that is about to begin.


There is a flood of visitors float from Singapore to Melaka by bus each year particularly since the city was awarded UNESCO Cultural Heritage site status in 2008. The visitors can book their tickets form the bus stops but online ticketing is also getting very popular.

The online ticketing is preferred to book a ticket for more than one reason. The online ticketing saves you from the hassle of visiting the express office. Also you can take your time in selecting among the alternative timings and services. It is also recommended to go through the client opinion and review section of booking sites to offer you an insight about the service offered.

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Bus Ticket Pricing

The bus takes you from Singapore to Melaka in not more than S$30 (about USD 23). The prices are almost the same. There is a little variation based on the quality of service offered in the bus. Coaches and buses both are available with the option to choose from budget to luxury. The prices are subject to seasonal changes too. Summers and New Year nights are the events when the ticket prices vary the most.

Bus Departure

It is best to check the bus departure time before booking the ticket to travel by bus from Singapore to Melaka. There are plenty of options and buses depart frequently so you will never be out of an option. All the buses depart on time as they do not wait for the passengers so make sure you are on time. A lot of expresses and bus services are offering bus trips to Melaka including the double-deckers which are more fun.

The bus depart from various location in Singapore that includes Golden Mile Complex, City Plaza, Lavender MRT, Queens Town & others.

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Try the Johor Bahru route instead

During the peak season & public holidays, if you are unable to find a bus from Singapore to Melaka, then you can always try getting a bus from Johor Bahru bus terminal. Johor Bahru is the first city you will encounter while entering from Singapore to Malaysia. The locals in Singapore frequently traveled to Johor Bahur on the weekend for shopping. To learn more about Johor Bahru, you can visit Johor Bahru Travel Blog.

For your journey back, you can read the guide about traveling by bus from Melaka to Singapore. For more information about travel & tourism in Singapore, you can read this Singapore Travel Blog.

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