6 Things You Should Enjoy in Melaka

things you should enjoy in melaka

If you self-proclaim as the true travelers, it means you’ll always know the ways to enjoy each destination perfectly. The specific destinations required different ways to do to ensure you can enjoy the typical experience in each place.

When visiting Melaka, there are also several things people should enjoy so you’ll able to claim that you finally conquer this historical state. At least, you should enjoy the 6 things below.

1. Museum hopping!
Melaka is the home for the museum. This state hosts numerous museums, from the colonial and Peranakan heritage-related, to the unique theme of museums. In Melaka, you can explore the museums one by one to get to know and learn deeper each history and discover complete collections of each thing. Some museums nestled in Melaka for example, Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum, Submarine Museum, Maritime Museum, Straits Chinese Jewellery Museum, Toy Museum, Kite Museum, People’s Museum, Malaysia Prison Museum, Aborigines Museum, and much more.

2. Checklists the historical sites of Melaka!
Taking about Melaka is talking about history. The historical value of this state is very important for Malaysia. As the first point of colonial entering Malaysia in the old war, Melaka is the home for much historical heritage. UNESCO listed this city as one of the World Heritage Site. Major historical sites in Melaka are colonial and Peranakan heritage. At least, you have to check list these sites: A Famosa Fort, Queen Victoria Memorial Fountain, Cheng Hoon Teng Temple, St Paul’s Hills, Christ Church Melaka and St Peter’s Church, The Stadthuys, and the Dutch Square.

3. Strolling on The Jonker Street, especially at night
Jonker Street is always put on the top list of must visit destination in Melaka. All travelers visiting Melaka must have visited this place also. It is the Chinatown Street in Melaka where the local called as Jalan Jang Hebat. Strolling along the Jonker Street to entertain your soul with the vibrant local scene at the across Melaka River. The whole road filled with historical shophouse throughout the sides, bring you travel back to the 17th century. The shophouses now used as crafts and antique shops, food shops, souvenir and textile shops. When the weekend comes, wandering into the night market in Jonker Street. Sample various local delicacies in this street and get ready to join the bargain war to get the great yet cheapest local product to bring home.

4. Close the day on the classic Melaka hotel
Visiting historical state like Melaka is has to be total. Blend to the total historical sense by also staying at the best Melaka hotel that shows classic themed. It’s easy to find this kind of hotel, from budget to upscale class. From the exquisite class, there are The Majestic Malacca and Casa del Rio Melaka. In the medium to budget class, the best selections Melaka hotel with the classical theme are Hotel Da Som Inn, Gingerflower Boutique Hotel, Imperial Heritage Melaka, and Layang-Layang Guest House. These recommendations are handpicked based on its reputation among the travelers.

5. Blend with the multicultural society
Melaka is the great home where the variety ethnic with diverse customs and beliefs living in harmony. They are blending with each other while also preserves their own characteristic, resulting Melaka keep very rich cultural diversity. Blend with the local person to learn how to live in harmony, open-minded, and tolerant.

6. Set sail along the Melaka River
Just like in the Amsterdam, Melaka is the city with the river cuts across the town all the way to Melaka Straits. Located across the town, you can also wander the river by taking the cruise using a motorboat to enjoy sightseeing the beauty of Melaka. The Melaka River Cruise will last about 45 minutes long from Muara Jetty to Taman Rempah Jetty and back to the starting point. This is the true way to enjoy the charm of Melaka. It’s charge RM 10 for an adult and RM 5 for a child (specifically for the Mycard holder). For the foreign tourist, the price is only RM 5 higher than the local. The cruise opens almost the whole day, from 9 am to 12 am every day! The night cruise is more captivating with the vibrant scene of the lights on the riverside.

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