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  • Homestay Melaka Guide

    Homestay Melaka, A Complete Guide to Live Like Locals in Melaka

    Homestay Melaka gives you an opportunity to experience local culture & lifestyle by living among locals. It is a great to look different and be identifiable in the crowd. Yet, there is a fun in living like general locals too. Being tourist at a place, you should try to live, eat, travel and behave like […] More

  • The Sterling Boutique Hotel Melaka

    The Sterling Boutique Hotel Melaka

    Melaka was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site in July 2008 for possession of various relics and valuable historical sites. The greatness of A’Famosa, Jonker Street, Stadthuys, Hang Li Po’s Well, Masjid Kampung Hulu and Maritime Museum puts it among the places that should be visited by the tourist in Melaka. Your trip to […] More

  • Swan Garden Hotel Melaka

    Swan Garden Hotel Melaka – Coziest Boutique Hotel in Melaka

    Visit to Melaka is incomplete without a stay over at some comfy, stylish, and affordable hotel. After visiting a myriad of interesting places and tourist attractions in the city, you need to spend certain time relaxing and enjoying your vacation at some cool and facilitate place. Swan Garden Hotel is one of such hotels in […] More