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    Melaka Restaurants – Best Restaurants in Melaka for Foodies

    Melaka is renowned all over the world for being one of the ideal tourist spots. The antiquated shops exhibiting strong heritage and European empires’ remnants. Melaka does not fail to satisfy the taste buds and hunger of the people. You shall find mouth-watering Nyonya delicacies and a large number of dine-in places that are catering […] More

  • best-restaurant-to-try-western-food-in-melaka

    Best Restaurants to try Western Food in Melaka

    Here in Melaka we tasted food at different points from various stalls and that was really the best food in Melaka due to being economical with an excellent taste. It has been observed since past that western food in Melaka was said to be one of the expensive eatables because of its quality concerns. Therefore, […] More

  • sirocco restaurant melaka

    Sirocco Restaurant Melaka – Serving Authentic Italian Food

    Famous for the Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, Sirocco Restaurant Melaka is located at the ground floor lobby area of Holiday Inn Malacca. The hotel serves authentic Italian menu filled with salads, appetizers, pizza, soup, main course and desserts. Being located in one of the best hotels of Melaka, the restaurant is also among the great […] More

  • Breakfast in Melaka

    Malacca Breakfast – 7 Places to try Hearty Breakfast in Melaka

    Every tourists loves trying out new food besides exploring landscapes. Every country in the world has its own traditional food that is famous for one thing or another. Asian countries are famous for putting in spices in their food; this is because Asia is the birthplace of spices. Malaysia is a country that is famous […] More

  • Top 6 must try cafe in Melaka

    Melaka Cafes – Top 6 Must Try Cafe in Melaka

    Melaka, the historical capital of Malaysia is famous for many things and one being the food of Melaka which is a fusion of Malay & Chinese. The cafe’s in Melaka are a perfect place to try these mouth-watering food which is one of the reason behind the popularity of Malacca. The cafe in Melaka not […] More

  • chinese restaurants melaka

    Top 5 must-try Chinese Restaurants in Melaka

    Melaka; being considered as the world’s UNESCO heritage site is actually the most favorable state in terms of tourism is concerned. Just after the discovery of Melaka; variety of cultures have begun to migrate in the vicinity of the Malaysian Peninsular as a whole and Melaka as a specific state was simultaneously crowded with multi-cultures […] More

  • korean food in melaka

    Best Restaurants to try Korean Food in Melaka

    People dwelling in the Melaka state and the visitors coming to explore its vicinity are very much fond of eating Korean food in Melaka. The reason of Korean food is said to be extremely popular in the Melaka state due to the emanation of myriad immigrants considering Melaka for being the friendly nature state and […] More

  • halal food in melaka

    Best Restaurants to try Halal Food in Melaka

    Melaka is not only famous for heritage sites & historical remnants, but food in Melaka is equally popular. Beside Malaysian & Chinese restaurants, there are many restaurants in Melaka offering Japanese, Western, Italian & other cuisines. The Nyonya food in Melaka is also another popular local cuisine. Melaka as being the state of a Muslim […] More

  • fnding-the-best-vegetarian-restaurant-in-melaka

    Finding the Best Vegetarian Restaurant in Melaka

    Melaka being a UNESCO World heritage site not only possesses antique remnants, but while visiting this state people generally get familiarized with numerous restaurants here; renowned in its taste as well. You will consequently find plenty of unique myriad vegetarian restaurant in Melaka. These restaurants are famous since the period of olden days when Melaka’s […] More

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    Hoe Kopitiam at Tanjung Kling Melaka – For Coffee & Halal Food

    Melaka is a place where you can witness diverse cultures and traditions. Its historical places and serene landscapes spellbound vacationers with its beauty. Sipping coffee and having a simple meal at some corner restaurant or coffee shop is all what a tourist may desire for making their morning more peaceful. Hoe Kopitiam at Tanjung Kling […] More

  • Olio Italian Restaurant Melaka

    Olio Italian Restaurant – Authentic Italian Restaurant in Melaka

    The Melaka food scene is quite diverse with restaurants from almost every culture of the world. You can easily find spicy Indian food, light and traditional Chinese and Japanese cuisines, typical Korean dishes, and Western food in Melaka. The Olio Italian Restaurant in Ramada Plaza Melaka is one of its kind as it serves probably […] More

  • Long Fatt Teow Chew

    Long Fatt Teow Chew – Authentic Chew Porridge in Melaka

    Teochew porridge is nothing like mushy and runny rice porridge in a bowl, but it is cooked rice grains in soupy broth, consumed with different Chinese or other local dishes. Typical Teochew Porridge shops have steamed and fried fish, pork, beef, squid, eggs, boiled vegetables etc. But. Finding a Chinese restaurant in Melaka that serves […] More

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