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  • Malacca Travel Tips - River Cruise Ride

    Best 10 Malacca Travel Tips for Backpackers

    Malacca is the place for the travelers & especially backpackers. If you like carrying too many things with you, you may miss a lot of fun and entertainment. So, you are suggested to have a light luggage in order to make it a great venture. Here are some guidelines & Malacca travel tips for backpackers. […] More

  • hawk rent a car Melaka

    Hawk Rent a Car Melaka – The Trusted Rental Car Provider

    A desired mode of travelling for tourists is to travel by renting a car, where they can wish to go to any place they want. As a tourist, you are bound to experience difficulties in locating places and this is where car rental services are of great help. You can express your wish to go […] More

  • v & a florist Melaka

    Visit V & A Flower City for all your Floral Needs

    Whenever in a country abroad, a common problem faced by everyone is finding the perfect gift shop or floral shop. A tourist in Melaka does not need to roam around the city to find the perfect way to surprise his/her loved one. Rather, you can search online and have it delivered to you. The numerous […] More

  • Buying Property Malacca

    Reasons why you should move to Malacca

    Real estate has become among the top investments in the world today. Among the places to look out for are in Southeast Asia, where you can buy a house in Malaysia. Malacca is a quick fix to all those who love traveling since it has been described as a tourist destination. It provides an experience […] More

  • things you should enjoy in melaka

    6 Things You Should Enjoy in Melaka

    If you self-proclaim as the true travelers, it means you’ll always know the ways to enjoy each destination perfectly. The specific destinations required different ways to do to ensure you can enjoy the typical experience in each place. When visiting Melaka, there are also several things people should enjoy so you’ll able to claim that […] More

  • in

    Money Changer Melaka – Tips & Places to Change $ in Melaka

    The general necessity for grabbing money changer Melaka is its authenticity and availability within the route of Melaka as it is known to be an essential port and one of the hectic trading routes in the whole East. Through the historical point of view, money changer Melaka was functioning since 10,000 BC. It was said […] More

  • Singapore to Melaka by Bus

    Singapore to Melaka by Bus, A Journey full of Excitements

    Apologies Wright Brothers: your invention (the planes) is great, but buses are still fun in most parts of the world. Especially when the distances are short and the place is as beautiful as Melaka, nobody would like another means than bus. Singapore to Melaka by Bus Singapore to Melaka by bus is a three to […] More

  • rent a car in melaka

    Rent a Car in Melaka from the Best Car Rental Agencies

    Melaka is one of the most-visited and beautiful state of Malaysia. People from all over the world come here to spend their vacations either alone, with friends or with family. The only difficulty one faces here is the lack of public transport. Taxis are available here, but they charge high fares. Especially, when you have […] More

  • in

    Green Matrix Car Rental Melaka

    Car rental services were mostly availed by people travelling for business purposes, now it has become easily accessible and fairly common in use now by almost everyone. Melaka is one such state that stands as the most visited state of Malaysia, and people from every corner of the world come for vacations either with friends […] More

  • Melaka City Center Red Square

    What to do in Malacca Malaysia in a day?

    Are you planning to visit Melaka for a day? You must be wondering what to do in Malacca in a day and you should not waste time in deciding when in Melaka. There is so much to do there already that the planning part needs to be done before leaving. You need to find the […] More

  • Travel by bus from Melaka to Penang

    How to Travel by Bus from Melaka to Penang

    It is really amusing as we discover the ancient sites in Melaka such that during the tour we are unable to realize the tiredness of viewing the ancient sights of Melaka. Penang is also one of the state of Malaysia just like Melaka; after exploring Melaka being in Malaysia we must travel to visit Penang […] More

  • bus-from-melaka-to-singapore

    Malacca to Singapore – Bus from Melaka to Singapore

    After reaching Melaka and viewing all the historical remnants of Melaka town, me and my group of four friends were still enthusiastic to travel further by only the service through which we not only enjoy travelling but also wanted to take a chance to capture the remarkable scenery in between travelling to Singapore as we […] More

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