St Paul Church Melaka

St Paul Church Melaka, 16th century wonder by Portuguese

There are some places in Melaka that are attractive for their entertainment perspective but St Paul Church Melaka is for the history lovers. It also tests the ambition of visitors by having them climb the hill.

About the St Paul Church Melaka

The St Paul Church Melaka does not stand as it used to in the sixteenth century when the Portuguese built it. It is located on the St Paul’s Hill which was famous as Malacca Hill.

The hill became Mary’s Hill when the Portuguese came to Melaka. On the hill, a Chapel was built that was then converted to St Paul’s Church. It is said that the Church was built as Duarte Coelho’s gratitude for escaping the sea storm.

Why to Visit?

One’s breathe wheezes after climbing the hill to see the St Paul Church Melaka. There are stairs to climb the hill yet it is quite a feat. It is worth climbing to see the Church since the landscape and the structure is amazing.  You will find some really ancient Portuguese headstones and St.Paul’s statue. There are descriptions about the place on walls and the stones.

What will you Find?

At the St Pauls Church Melaka, you will find remains of the burial vault built in 1592. Second Bishop of Japan Pedro Martins is buried here too. The Saint Paul’s statue outside ruins of the Church welcomes you to the Church.

The right hand of the statue is lost in time. But, its white color, elegance and style remain. The statue adds to the structure and makes it more prominent on the hill.

Beautifully carved stones with floral designs and pictures of kings can be seen abundantly in the remains of the St Paul’s Church. Thus, the big stone slabs tell you about the history as well as art and skills of people of that time.

Time ruined the Church not the History

Although what remains of the St Paul Church Melaka are now only ruins, the strong and thick bricks are a reminder that this chapel used to be a magnificent piece of architecture at that time. History lives on the walls of the Church. A big red board outside the Church narrates its history. The changes and enhancements in the Church can also be found since they are mentioned for the tourists guide. The Malaccan’s do not leave you without guides rather offer you a map that tells about the Church and its separate parts.

How to get there?

The population and thus public transport options are quite limited in Melaka. You need to have dedicated transport service to reach the site. Taxi is a much better option. You will find locals quite helpful in this respect.

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