Portuguese Square Melaka – The Mini Lisbon in Malacca

portuguese square melaka

Different nations that ruled Melaka left their marks here. So did the Portuguese. Besides the other Portuguese landmarks, Melaka has the Portuguese Square which is also called Mini Lisbon. The Malay-Portuguese culture that arose as a result of the intermarriages between the people of two nations is evident at this place. The Portuguese Square Melaka served as center of Portuguese culture and is a unique point in Malacca. It stands out the local culture in food and clothing too.

Do you know that Malacca is a twin town of Lisbon in Portugal? One reason might be Portuguese Square which is also refereed as Mini Lisbon. Here is the list of twin towns and sister cities in Malaysia.

Center of Culture

Portuguese culture is quite different from the Chinese and Malay culture of Melaka. Although, time influenced the Portuguese culture here, it can still be noticed that the Portuguese culture is more like the European culture than the local one.

Since last four centuries, the place hosts colorful food and cultural stalls. Turnout is great here on holidays and the festivity is worth watching at Portuguese Square Melaka. The local people of the Portuguese origin wear traditional costumes and perform their local dances. The ladies normally wear red and white skirts and frocks with head scarves while the men wear black or grey suit with hat.

Restaurants at Portuguese Square

At the Portuguese Square Melaka, there are many food stalls and restaurants with open sitting areas. The Restoran De Lisbon offers very good sea food. You will find some great baked and cooked dishes of fish and chicken. This Portuguese style cuisine is mostly hot and very spicy. The chili sauce flavor is common in the Portuguese taste so you should charge your taste buds before having an eating experience here. You can also like to visit Sea Terrace food stall in Portuguese Square. Besides main course items, you may also like mango juice and traditional Portuguese pickles served here.

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Portuguese Museum

There is a museum where the Portuguese history-related items are preserved. You will surely like the place and may be a little worried to know that there are only a handful of Portuguese left in Melaka, others migrated to Europe. The museum however, stays. You can visit the museum between 10 am to 10 pm on Friday and 10 am to 8 pm from Tuesday to Thursday. The museum does not open on Mondays.

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You will find the Portuguese Square Melaka in the South near the famous St John Fort. The other worth visiting places near the Portuguese Square are Cheng Ho Culture Museum and St Paul’s Hill.

Photos Credit: Phalinn Ooi

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