Heeren House reflection in the Melaka River

Heeren House Melaka, The Heritage Style Guest House by the Melaka River

You will probably find hertiage houses and places in abundance in Melaka but some places holds significant importance. Heeren House Melaka is one of them.

Heeren House Melaka Highlights

Heeren House Melaka is a nice blend of home, restaurant and craft shop. The place is a unique combination of fun and peace. The Melaka River flows by the side and you won’t regret paying money to this luxurious place to have great time with your family.

From warehouse to Guest House

The power of ideas can change almost anything. The Heeren House Melaka was originally a warehouse. It was later converted to a Chinese coffee shop which was a success but not a break through. The place today serves as coffee house as well as a home-like place to its visitors. The visitors appraise its spaciousness, warm and responsive staff, location, food and scenery.

Specialties of the place

Not too many places in Melaka offer you really spacious rooms. Heeren House Melaka gives you enough room to accommodate five to six members – a perfect size for families. Probably you won’t expect to find three tables and five chairs in the room apart from beds, but this is what the place offers as a bonus. Besides the walking distance from worth visiting places and the Melaka River nearby, you will find daily-life services that are often missing in the tourism spots (this is secretly about the Wi-Fi). You do not miss English food in Heeren House Melaka and the breakfast comprises of many western options and fruit.


Kids and youth can equally enjoy the stock of CDs available in rooms. The air conditioned rooms do not see its inhabitants too often during the day since there is a lot to visit in the city, yet families love to rest their souls between two walks in Jonker Street Melaka. You may also like to entertain yourself by the art piece in the craft shop of Heeren House Melaka.


The Heeren House Melaka offers you five categories of single bedded and double bedded rooms that can be booked online or via telephone. The place also offers you introduction to local and national craft. The craft shop on the ground floor is like a little universe of handicraft items from different parts of Malaysia as well as Indonesia, Thailand and India. These craft items are mainly made of wood, bamboo and coconut shells and the best souvenir gift you can buy for your loved ones back home.

The café on the ground floor offers breakfast alone. Probably the owners like you to enjoy different Nyonya and Chinese food in the Jonker’s Street. The breakfast is light and mainly comprised of fruits.

Where to find Heeren House Melaka?

Don’t hunt this place in the peripherals of the city, it lies in the heart. Most of the worth visiting places of Melaka are in 10 to 15 mins walk reach from this place in Heeren street. You can ask almost anyone in Melaka about this place. The white building with reddish roves along the river is so identifiable.


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