Dutch Square Melaka – Travel Back to the Colonial Past

Dutch Square Melaka

Malaysia is a very popular tourist destination in the South East Asia. There are many popular states in Malaysia to visit and if you’re a history lover, then Melaka, a UNESCO world heritage site is a must-visit in Malaysia. The Dutch Square is one of the popular places worth visiting in Melaka as it is the home of many historical tourist attractions like The Stadthuys or Town Hall Square, the Anglican Church of Christ (Christ Church), the Clock Tower, the Queen Victoria Fountain & museums.

About Dutch Square Melaka

From afar, Dutch Square appeared in the deep blue sky, with the old red brick buildings and green leafy streets. Dutch Square, also known as the Stadthuys by the Dutch population, i.e., the council or the Red Square, is located in the heart of Malacca.

It was built 1641-1660 on the ruins of a fortress Portugal and is considered the building built in the Dutch colonial style of the oldest in Asia. This used to be the office of Governor and Deputy Governor of the Netherlands and is used as an administrative center of the next government. In 1982, the Dutch Square was transformed into a historical museum showing the history of Malacca, is a colonial building of the Netherlands the oldest and largest in Southeast Asia, with a total area of 49,000 square meters.

Architecture and Features

Facing the square is a Dutch windmill – symbol of the country of tulips. The Square has a Dutch-style architecture that is evident through walls, windows and doors with thick wrought iron grilles. After independence, the Malaysian government also used it as a center of state management until 1979. Since then it has become a Museum of Ethnology. Square featured with brown walls, bright red tile paths.

Dutch Square Melaka is the square where lies the remains of the main building of the Netherlands as Stadthuys and Christ Church Melaka. Queen Victoria Fountain is also located in this lowland area. It was built in 1904 to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria United Kingdom. After more than a hundred years, the Queen Victoria Fountain has stood in the Dutch Square.

The square also has its history in the field of education, which in the 19th century during the reign of England, a school run by the clergy known as the Malacca Free School built in the Stadthuys compound. The building now houses the Museum of History and Ethnography, Admiral Cheng Ho Gallery, Museum of Arts, Democratic Government Museum, and Museum of the President of the State.

Come to Malaysia, visitors will have more travel experience to visit Malaysia beautiful old buildings, associated with many events related to the history and Dutch Square Melaka. Thanks to the visit of such projects, you have the opportunity to learn about a bygone era in the history of Malaysia, with the influence of other cultures, such as China, Portugal, the Netherlands and the UK. It is the place that transports you to the colonial past of the city.

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