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  • Halia inc coffee bar & restaurant Melaka

    Halia Inc Coffee Bar & European Restaurant in Melaka

    Located in a hundred year old Customs Warehouse by the Melaka River, Halia Inc Coffee Bar is located with all of its tranquility. It gives a break from hot sunny day and crowded streets of Melaka. Its antique theme with tranquil atmosphere compliments the status of Melaka being a world heritage city declared by UNESCO […] More

  • Melaka Batik House

    Melaka Batik House – Home of Colorful Malaysian Batik

    Batik is any kind of fabric that is imprinted with the colorful patterns via the application of dye and wax. It is an essential part of the Malaysian culture and a traditional art form. The batik industry that has existed and evolved over nearly a century ago and is now one of the roots of […] More

  • Fun Facts about Melaka

    10 Fun Facts about Melaka to know the City better

    Malacca (or Melaka in Malay) is undoubtedly the most interesting city in Malaysia from a historical perspective. While Malaysia dire sites and monuments full of history compared to its South Asian neighbors, Malacca is a cultural oasis with a rich colonial past. Successively colonized by the Portuguese, the Dutch and the English, the city guard […] More

  • sirocco restaurant melaka

    Sirocco Restaurant Melaka – Serving Authentic Italian Food

    Famous for the Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, Sirocco Restaurant Melaka is located at the ground floor lobby area of Holiday Inn Malacca. The hotel serves authentic Italian menu filled with salads, appetizers, pizza, soup, main course and desserts. Being located in one of the best hotels of Melaka, the restaurant is also among the great […] More

  • Massa Sutra Spa in Melaka

    Massa Sutra the Art of Massage – A Boutique Spa in Melaka

    We love the fact that the world could not live without the spas. What started decades ago as small places, usually in large cities, where we had massages and facials in spaces called cabins, it has become an international phenomenon! Now we have the divine day spas, where you can receive care with the most […] More

  • bucket bar melaka

    Bucket Bar Melaka – The Locals Hangout Place in Malacca

    Just as the sun sets down you can feel a strange commotion starting to spread throughout Malacca. The city comes to life as crowds of people gather up at the most famous bars and pubs to relax and enjoy the miraculous night-life. Visitors to the city will be thrilled by the wide range of Malacca […] More

  • hawk rent a car Melaka

    Hawk Rent a Car Melaka – The Trusted Rental Car Provider

    A desired mode of travelling for tourists is to travel by renting a car, where they can wish to go to any place they want. As a tourist, you are bound to experience difficulties in locating places and this is where car rental services are of great help. You can express your wish to go […] More

  • pure bar Malacca

    Pure Bar Malacca – The Chic Night Club in Melaka

    The city of Malacca comes to life at night when everyone decides to pay a trip to the most amazing range of bars and pubs. After sunset, you will experience and see Malacca in a different light. If you are a person who is a party freak and is very fond of enjoying blasting music […] More

  • v & a florist Melaka

    Visit V & A Flower City for all your Floral Needs

    Whenever in a country abroad, a common problem faced by everyone is finding the perfect gift shop or floral shop. A tourist in Melaka does not need to roam around the city to find the perfect way to surprise his/her loved one. Rather, you can search online and have it delivered to you. The numerous […] More

  • things you should enjoy in melaka

    6 Things You Should Enjoy in Melaka

    If you self-proclaim as the true travelers, it means you’ll always know the ways to enjoy each destination perfectly. The specific destinations required different ways to do to ensure you can enjoy the typical experience in each place. When visiting Melaka, there are also several things people should enjoy so you’ll able to claim that […] More

  • Flower Shops in Melaka for Delivery & Flower Shopping

    Best Flower Shops in Melaka for Delivery & Flower Shopping

    Have you ever been stressed out, just because you could not find a flower shop in Melaka during your vacation? Well, as a matter of fact, it has happened with a number of tourists around that they are unable to reach or access flower shop to please their loved one, family or friends on a […] More

  • pet shops in melaka

    Malacca Pet Shops – Best Pet Shops in Melaka for Pet Lovers

    Melaka is counted among the most visited places in Malaysia. The beautiful beaches, rich heritage, exotic food and various other attractions in Melaka, makes it one of the favorite destination for tourists. You shall find that Melaka city never lets its tourists and locals get bored. Apart from the various restaurants, cafés and other necessary […] More

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