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Spa Village Malacca – Ultimate Spot for Relaxation & Peace

Melaka is renowned for being one of the most eminent tourist destinations. Your time is well spent their either you are alone or with family. Apart from having loads of options for exploration of tourists and locals, it is also mandatory on vacations that you sit back and relax at a top class spa in Melaka. Your entire stress will be relieved, when you shall give yourself into the hands of highly skilled and trained professionals. The techniques used are proven and hence, are best for revitalizing the entire body, mind and soul.

A large number of resorts and hotels in Melaka, keeping in view the growing demand of spas, has allocated space in their boundaries for spas. In this way, they also provide their guests the convenience of not going anywhere for the best spa services. Similarly, The Majestic Malacca, a top-notch hotel has initiated Spa Village within their premises. You shall discover a new world, once you enter into the 5-star Spa Village Malacca.

Overview of Spa Village Malacca

Spa Village Malacca is one of the top-class and most preferred spas, found within the royal The Majestic Malacca. Its healing therapies are inspired by the heritage of Baba-Nyonya, which is a completely unique blend of Chinese and Malay techniques. This influence is only integrated into the architecture of the spa as well, which is designed to capture the true essence of the ambiance by the visitors.

The spa has two floors from where you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the serene natural beauty. Hence, this assures that it is the perfect place to relax, rejuvenate and revitalize oneself along with the exceptional therapies and treatments. The interior of the salon is highly magnificent, which helps visitors to indulge themselves in the fragrance of peace and forget about the various hassles of life.

Therapists at Spa Village Malacca ensure that you regain the energy, which was lost in the hassles of the world. They soothe your skin, relieve your tired muscles and take you into a world, which is away from the physical and psychological stress. The treatments and therapies are a true inspiration of conventional Chinese medicine and Peranakan healing philosophy. The spa therapies used has been designed as per human’s warm and cool body energies.

Services at the Spa Village

  • Peranakan Signature Experience: A series of special body treatments have been packaged altogether, which includes Suam-Suam Panas Experience (Warming) having Malacca Palm Sugar and Honey Body Scrub, Nutmeg Rice Rolling Massage, Pandan Coconut Hair Mask and Bird’s Nest Facial with Fermented Tapioca Mask. In Shiok-Shiok Sejuk Experience (Cooling) you shall be offered Yoghurt-Guava Leaves Body Scrub, Egg Rolling Body Therapy, Limau Kasturi-Yoghurt Hair Mask and Bird’s Nest Facial with Star Fruit Mask.
  • You can also opt for Ala-carte experiences which include Nutmeg-Rice Rolling Massage, Malacca Palm Sugar and Honey Body Scrub, Campur-Campur and Lapis-Lapis A Malay Herbal Wrap. All these are warming body treatments.
  • The cooling body treatments include egg rolling therapy, yoghurt-guava leaves body scrub and cucumber aloe wrap.
  • For face treatments you can go for Bird’s Nest Facial with Fermented Tapioca Mask (warming) or Bird’s Nest Facial with Star Fruit Mask (cooling).
  • Hair treatments offered here include Pandan-Coconut Hair Mask (warming) and Limau-Kasturi-Yoghurt Hair Mask (cooling).
  • Nail treatments are also offered in their exclusive manicure and pedicure services.

You can also opt for Massage Therapies as per your choice. The Spa Village Melaka offers Malay therapies, Balinese therapies, Shiatsu therapies, Aroma Massage therapies, Foot massage, Lomi-Lomi therapies, Swedish and Thai therapies.

A visit to this spa is like exploring the core heritage and culture of Melaka. You can easily reach here at the address 188 Jalan Bunga Raya, 75100 Melaka, Malaysia.
If you have any queries you can call on +60 6 289 8000

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