Melaka Beaches – Best Beaches in Melaka to Visit on Holidays

melaka beaches

Melaka is and ideal place considered by tourists and locals equally, for spending their holidays and vacations. Locals have the opportunity to enjoy breathtaking views easily every weekend and refresh themselves. However, tourists, obviously don’t miss out the fun and never leave inspired by the beauty of Melaka. As we know that Melaka is not so rich in rainforests, but it has some top class beaches to explore and various islands. Melaka beaches are considered the best to relax and enjoy in the serene ambiance with the tropical sun. Visit to these beaches is also among top things to do in Melaka on your trip.

Renowned Melaka Beaches

There are a number of Melaka beaches, which are highly preferred by people to have a great time with family and friends. The enchanting natural beauty of these beaches, allures you to visit them again and again. Read on to know about them:

Pulau Besar

Pulau Besar is known as the Big Island, which is found near Umbai and 10km South of Bandar Melaka. It is famous for the mystery behind its origin, having loads of legends and fables. People say that the landscape of this island has a shape of a pregnant woman. A sad pregnant princess, who was upset because of her husband’s death, committed suicide by jumping in the sea. Thus, her body was found floating in it and therefore, the landscape transformed into a pregnant woman’s belly. You can find a similar story in Malaysia as well by the name Lake of Pregnant Maiden Langkawi.

You shall find a cave there too, where ancient warriors used to rehearse magical arts. Also, you shall see a giant rock, which is named as Batu Belah or Split Rock. Furthermore, visitors here enjoy various recreational activities, stay at one of the many resorts, have fun at the yacht club or take great pleasure of different water-sport facilities. You can also swim, go for snorkeling or simply take a leisurely walk on the cool sands of Pulau Besar and hence, it is one of the most preferred beaches in Melaka.

Pulau Upeh

Pulau Upeh is a small island found near Klebang town and is listed among the best Melaka beaches. This highly attractive beach was once used in war for invasion of ships and was also a pirates’ nesting place. Today, it is a serene Melaka attraction for tourists and locals. You can plan to stay here at one of its many resorts or enjoy various water-sport facilities. Furthermore, you can see the ancient well and relics, which are found on the island from World War Two.

You shall also find the most rare type of sea turtles here, which are known as Hawkbills. In the months of March and June, you can see them, as they come from the beach to their nest for laying eggs.

Pantai Kundur

At a distance of 17km from Melaka Town, you shall find a Pantai Kundur beach, which is one of the most visited beaches in Melaka. It is one of the most peaceful beaches, having a tiny fishing village as well. This beach is famous for picnics and swimming, having casuarina trees. Fishermen set out at night to Kelongs, to catch fishes and other marine species.

Tanjung Kling

One of the well-maintained beaches in Melaka includes the name of Tanjung Kling now. This is one of the most recent beaches that has been developed by the Melaka tourism industry. This beach is found at a distance of 15km from Melaka Town. You shall get inspired by its pleasant white sandy coast, having coconut palms. This place is considered ideal for a quick jaunt.

Tanjung Bidara

Tanjung Bidara is famous for its tranquil ambiance and rich vegetation and is found at a distance of 20 km from the town of Melaka. Swimming is not allowed here, however, it is ideal for relaxation and for other recreational activities. You shall find beach peddling food as well as parking lots, showers and playgrounds.

Hence, whenever you plan to visit Melaka, don’t forget to indulge yourself at its beautiful beaches. The place is highly considered for spending vacations.

If you’re traveling across Malaysia and want to know the beaches in various islands and tourist destinations, we have listed some of the best beaches across Malaysia down below:

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