Know the Best Time to Visit Melaka for a Perfect Trip

Best Time to Visit Melaka

When you plan for vacation the most important question to ask is what is the best time to visit that place? Melaka is no exception. You cannot just hang backpack on your shoulders and leave for Melaka. You must know its weather, climate, and should be sure when the best time to visit Melaka is. Only if you know this, you will be able to see attractions in Melaka, visit its places, and explore the rich heritage of the city. Read on to know our brief guide about when you can visit Melaka and make your visit safe and pleasant.

Best Time to Visit Melaka

With the humid and hot tropical weather, Melaka city can be enjoyed at any time of the year with the temperature hovering above 30 ° C. When it is warm and humid, you may enjoy hours of shopping in one of the recommended Melaka shopping mall. If it becomes too heavy and hot, you may hop on their flowery bicycle trishaw to have a laid-back local tour, enjoy Melaka River Cruise or take a short trip to the beautiful beaches on the Cape Bidar or Big Island.

When it comes to weather, June and November are the wettest months with rainfall or drizzling. If you want to enjoy Melaka in rainy season then you should visit the island in the said months. If you want to continue with your sightseeing activities without any interruption by droplets & especially exploring the historical places to visit in Melaka, then the dry weather can be enjoyed in the month of October, April or early May, making it the best time to visit Melaka for you. The weather remains stable in these months, so you should not be worried about surprised rain or extreme humidity.

Melaka Holiday weather

Despite being with the above discussed dry and wet months, Melaka generally has a tropical rainforest climate. Temperature of Melaka does not change much season to season, which makes it perfect to visit at any time of the year. Most of the time, it remains hot and humid with an average temperature between 26 °C to 30 ° C. While 20 ° C is the lowest it may go.

Malaysia receives two monsoon seasons that are March-April and October-November, so the visitors must keep that in mind while planning their visit to Melaka. November is the wettest month of the year in Melaka when it gets around 410mm of rain which can go up to 800mm. Nights of the rainy season may force you to stay at home due to thunderstorms, missing the fun of the nightlife of Melaka. Considering these facts, if you just do not want to be there in rainy season then the interval between February and Early July until the start of rainy season is the best choice you make for travelling to Melaka. You will get the most of the city as the season will remain relatively dry and you will get the best time to visit Melaka.

What to wear on a holiday in Melaka

Humidity and hot weather means Melaka is sunny and warm throughout the year with the humidity range of 97% in the morning and dropping to 65% at night. Sunburn, sweating, and heat stroke are major problems so it is advised to pack breathable and light clothes. To avoid sunburn, long sleeves, hats, and glasses are recommended.

Now you know the best time to visit Malacca, you can read about our comprehensive list of things to do in Melaka. We have listed 20 activities which are a must-try when you’re in Melaka. If you’re traveling across Malaysia and want to know the best time to visit other tourist destinations, we have listed below some of the recommended guides for you:

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