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    Best 10 Malacca Tourist Attractions you should NOT miss

    Malacca Tourist Attractions - Jonker Walk

    There are plenty of Malacca tourist attractions to visit on your trip and the fact that Melaka is a UNESCO heritage site, every street and corner became an attraction for the visitors. People that have visited Malacca would tell you why it is one of the best places to visit in South East Asia. Whether you want to go for fun, foodie venture, historical tour or natural beauty, Malacca is one of the best tourist destination in Malaysia.

    Best 10 Malacca Tourist Attractions

    We have compiled list of the best 10 Malacca tourist attractions, which should not be miss. For the activities you can do in Melaka, please checkout top things to do in Melaka.

    1. Melaka Wonderland Theme Park

    Melaka Wonderland Theme Park

    For fun lovers, Melaka Wonderland Theme Park is among the best Malacca tourist attractions. You would find one of the best theme park of Asia in here. It is located in the area of Ayer Keroh. You would not feel any less entertained than any of other theme parks. The clean blue water in the ponds and pools will wash away your worries and you would never regret putting Melaka Wonderland on the top of your list. Slide, twirl, jump and get thrilled in Melaka and be a cheery child again!

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    2. The Stadthuys

    When back from Malaysia, you will surely like to tell your buddies that you actually visited a seventeenth century building; The Stadthuys in Melaka. It is one of the Malacca tourist attractions for history lovers while not the only one. It is said that it is the oldest structure of Dutch architecture that survived in Melaka. The colonial time structure lives in the shape of gigantic walls, wide windows and heavy doors. The reddish brown, wooden-iron structure is the place to visit if you want to see oldest Malacca buildings.

    Among all Malacca tourist attractions, this one should not be missed. The picture of The Stadthuys can be seen in plenty of postcards in Melaka as well.

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    3. A Famosa Fort

    Can’t tell if your picture with A Famosa Fort where a cannon on your right will be most liked or the one with the cannon on your left. But a trip the famous, A Famosa Fort is going to be fun and your buddies will love to comment on your pictures at A Famosa Fort. Reason? The fort got history, sight, location and architecture. It is sixteenth century building that survived only enough to tell you where the fort stood. A Famosa Fort reminds of the Portuguese rule in the country. The only thing the fort misses till today is; A picture with you. A Famosa Fort is also among the recommended heritage places to visit in Melaka.

    4. Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum

    Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum

    Probably among the first Chinese to enter Malacca, and introduced a culture that will mix with Malay’s to give birth to a unique and celebrated culture of Chinese-Malays or the Baba Nyonya. The Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum is one of the finest depiction of culture of the Chinese Malay people. You would love to see the art, architecture, furniture, style and bridal rooms of the culture that are still saved in the museum.

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    5. Melaka Zoo

    Melaka Zoo

    I love the way my Chinese friend calls it an animal garden. The Malacca Zoo offers same species of animals you would not find anywhere else in the world. There are no two headed dogs or four headed snakes. What makes Melaka Zoo Ayer Keroh specialty is to offer an environment where animal moves freely and yet providing safe environment to the visitors as well. Seriously, I don’t like talking to animals with them behind the bars. Animals are no prisoners! You would love the stalls in the zoo too and will certainly appreciate a guided tour.

    A unique feature of the Zoo is the Night Safari, which is also known as Melaka Zoo Night Safari. If you’re looking for some nighttime fun then a visit to the night safari is must. There are plenty of Malacca tourist attractions and Melaka Zoo is always favorite among families.

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    6. Bukit Cina

    Bukit Cina

    The China Hill in Melaka, also known as Bukit Cina is home to a number of graves of Chinese ancestors in Malaysia. At first sight, you won’t believe that it is a graveyard. The reason is that the graves are spread at an area and the graves are not simply pile of rocks. They hold memorials of the ancestors. There are around 12,500 graves. People jog here since the scenery is good and the area is green and fresh.

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    7. Malacca Butterfly & Reptile Sanctuary

    Malacca Butterfly & Reptile Sanctuary

    Malacca Butterfly & Reptile Sanctuary is a serious endeavor. You will find here the cutest parrots, the most colorful big size butterflies and the haunting thick snakes. The sanctuary also called Taman Rama Rama, offers you view of the best crocodiles in the town! A Must visit if you doubt it and again a must visit Malacca tourist attractions if you believe it.

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    8. Jonker Walk

    Jonker Walk

    If you have been to Malacca before then you probably took a walk in the famous Jonker Street once or twice. You also bought something from the street or ate from one of the local restaurants. The street is so popular among the tourists that the local authorities have made an attraction by the name of Jonker Walk. If you are visiting Malacca then you should experience Jonker Walk in the famous Jonker Street.

    The street became live mostly past sunset and that’s the best time to visit this local attraction. There are plenty of stalls on both side of the street selling various stuff. You will find a lot of souvenirs as well and the local food.

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    9. Menara Taming Sari

    Menara Taming Sari

    One hundred and ten (110) meters tall tower, the Menara Taming Sari Melaka is a great Malacca tourist attractions for those that love to see how the city looks at a glance. The Tower offers a 360 degree view allowing you to see different places, their locations and distances. Operational since 2008, the tower is visited by most of tourists at night because the city turns into a very mystical place at night as seen from above. If you’re not afraid of heights, this Malacca tourist attraction should be in your to-do list.

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    10. Maritime Museum Melaka

    Maritime Museum Melaka

    You would find another Melaka attraction a little ahead of the Stadthuys. It is the Maritime Museum that offers you model of ship that does not belong to this century. You have probably seen such ships in movies but here you will come to know that this model is Portuguese and the ship is replica of ship that sank in the coast of Malacca. This model is 34 meters high and 8 meters wide. The Museum preserves the history of Malacca, particularly its maritime history.

    Read more about Maritime Museum Melaka

    Please let us know what do you think of best 10 Malacca tourist attractions list. Share your experience by adding comments below. If you’re traveling across Malaysia and want to know tourist attractions in other destinations, below are some of the recommended guides:

    Photo Credit: Phalinn Ooi

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    Spa Melaka – Best Authentic Spa & Wellness Centers in Melaka

    Spa Melaka

    Whenever you’re traveling and visiting a place, you’re interested in knowing tourist attractions, places to visit and activities, you can do. You also get tired exploring new places and massage & spa’s centers can give you must needed relaxation. There is almost everything for tourists in Melaka and that includes some of the best & authentic Spa in Melaka.

    Best Spa in Melaka

    We will look at some of the best Melaka Spa in this article which are highly recommended as they provide best spa services in the town for tourists and locals alike.

    Scents and Senses – A Touch of Thai

    Scents and Senses
    Photo Credit Scents and Senses FB

    The Scents and Senses, A Touch of Thai is one of the best spa Melaka as we experienced. I may forcefully recommend you to visit and grab the service of this spa if you really want relaxation after struggling through the ancient view of Melaka city. There is no such hassle to locate this particular spa in Melaka, as it can be found at Jalan KSB 1, Taman Kota Syah Bandar. Its special features are to gives you a physical and mental relaxation and the workers here starts relaxing your body from massaging your feet then move upwards in order to yield a lighter feeling by the whole body massage and Jacuzzi bath.

    Address: 106, Jalan Merdeka, Taman Melaka Raya, 75000, Melaka, Malaysia
    Phone: +60 6-286 1186
    Read more about Scents and Senses

    Envy Wellness

    Envy Wellness
    Photo Credit Envy Wellness FB

    By the name of this spa we can easily recognize the special services provided for its customers which really are capable to develop a feeling of healthy soul in our body that in turn flashes an envy feeling for others through which those also do not waste their time in having the services of this spa due to the arise of being envious. The environment of Envy Wellness spa mostly attracts others which are neat and clean all the time when you visit. Our trip to Melaka was about a week and we got a chance to visit the spa twice due to its cozy environment.

    Address: Jalan Limbongan, Melaka, Malaysia
    Phone: +60 6-283 5572
    Read more about Envy Wellness

    Philea Resort Spa

    Philea Resort Spa
    Photo Credit Philea Resort Spa FB

    The Philea Resort Spa is the most famous spa in Melaka which is specifically constructed by having a green boundary all over. It will hardly take around twenty minutes to reach here from the main Melaka town and is situated in Ayer Keroh, Melaka. Plenty of tourists come here and stay in the resort mainly to have a body relaxation through special massage service being provided in a fully green environment. Those who are eager for body fitness also take pleasure in exercising room allocated for them.

    Address: Lot 2940, Jalan Ayer Keroh, Off Jalan Plaza Tol, 75450 Malacca, Malaysia
    Phone: +60 6-289 3399
    Read more about Philea Resort Spa

    Spa Village Melaka

    Spa Village Melaka
    Photo Credit Spa Village Melaka official Website

    The Spa Village Melaka is famous not only in Melaka but Malaysia as well, as the services being enlisted for the customers are successively based on the Baba Nyonya therapy theories which are known as the healing methodologies gained from the Malaysian and Chinese culture. It is built in two floors where visitors here are influenced by breathing in a body healing environment being utilized by past methodologies. For instance, the inside portion of the spa is designed with a special healing decorum i.e. village theme is endorsed in the building structure.

    The services being offered in Spa Village Melaka are numerous that majorly includes relaxing body muscles, comforting of skin with an advancement of getting rid of life pressures that has burdened our soul which certainly impacts the outer body. An entry towards this spa brings you close to the deep cultural values of the aborigines of Melaka. The Spa Village Melaka is located in the famous Majestic Malacca hotel.

    Address: 188 Jalan Bunga Raya, The Majestic Malacca, 75100 Melaka, Malaysia
    Phone: +60 6 289 8000
    Read more about Spa Village Melaka

    Massa Sutra the Art of Massage

    Massa Sutra the Art of Massage
    Photo Credit Massa Sutra the Art of Massage FB

    By having the whole body massage in Massa Sutra the Art of Massage, we come to realize its original outcome of services being given to its customers after enjoying a variety of food and hunting busy malls. For instance, we found a great pleasure here mainly because of its location that is situated in between the rush of the famous Jonker Street Melaka.

    Address: Jalan Kubu, 75300 Melaka, Malaysia
    Phone: +60 16-662 5083
    Read more about Massa Sutra

    These are some of the original and authentic spa Melaka which is highly recommended for tourists. You can also explore best massage centers in Melaka, specialized in providing all kind of massage services. If you want to recommend a spa in Melaka or share your experience, please do so by adding comments below. For more tourist activities, you can read top things to do in Melaka.

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    Halia Inc Coffee Bar & European Restaurant in Melaka

    Halia inc coffee bar & restaurant Melaka

    Located in a hundred year old Customs Warehouse by the Melaka River, Halia Inc Coffee Bar is located with all of its tranquility. It gives a break from hot sunny day and crowded streets of Melaka. Its antique theme with tranquil atmosphere compliments the status of Melaka being a world heritage city declared by UNESCO in 2008. It is one of those restaurants that serve good breakfast in Melaka as well.

    Halia Inc Coffee Bar & Restaurant

    Halia Inc is a restaurant and coffee bar, strategically located in central Melaka and adjacent to Quayside Hotel on Jalan Merdaka, Bandar Hill. It serves delectable local and western food in Melaka that attracts both locals and tourists for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The coffee bar has a wide range of coffee and other beverages. Halia is the Malay word for ‘ginger’ which fits the restaurants nature as ginger is one of the most commonly used ingredients in their food.


    Just alike the Quayside Hotel, Halia Inc has also acquired an industrial design setting. The owners have done a great job to maintain the historical façade of the building. The place is aesthetically designed with the symmetrical combination of orange bricks, wooden boards, recycled timber, polished cements with the random wallpaper strips have made up the flooring and walls. Sumptuous metal dividers are placed to separate the colossal space cleverly to allow light and a feel of openness.

    The enormous space of the café is divided into the dining area, coffee lounge, window bar, communal table, and outdoor patio. Green plants potted in glass bottles and silver buckets give this space a nice look.


    Be it their breakfast, desserts, main course for lunch and dinner, or the coffees, TWG teas, fresh juices and mocktails, everything that Halia Inc Coffee Bar serves is scrumptious and lip-smacking. Their French Toasts, soaked in milk and eggs with caramelized bananas, crushed peanuts, and the secret sauce, are must have for breakfast in Melaka. Smothered with rich and creamy tangy lemon curd, the Ricotta Hot Cakes have the taste to die for.

    If you want to have something local for breakfast, then go for their Hearty Nasi Goreng Set. Served in a tiffin tin with three layers, it has Nyonya kuih-muih, fried rice with prawns and a runny egg, a dessert and local fruits. It is simple, tasty, and very Malay.

    Their lunch is light and savory. Those who are seeking for a light lunch in Melaka, must try their crispy fish and chips and crispy chicken chops. Have their Laksa Nyonya or Nasi lemak Pandan for a local lunch meal. The restaurant has also taken care of your wish to finish off your meal with delectable desserts. Their cakes, pastries, and other sweets have secret recipes which make you crave more and come again. Their beverages like a lemon tea, Lychee Love, and Assam Boi are refreshing. As it is a coffee bar as well, so it is impossible to not have one cup of their Raw Coffee, Latte, or Flat White.

    The restaurant has the seating for up to 150pax. The seating arrangements have options of city or river view, outdoor or indoor. You may have your private functions at the venue as well; they will cater all your preferences professionally.

    So, next time you want to visit a serene place that serves appetizing food, try Halia Inc. Their food, service, and the ambience makes them one amongst the top must try cafe in Melaka.

    If you have visited Halia Inc Coffee Bar, and would like to share your experience, please do so by adding comments below.

    Address: Jalan Merdeka, 75000 Melaka, Malaysia
    Phone: +60 6-284 1011
    Opening Hours: Tuesday to Thursday (7AM to 11PM), Friday to Saturday (7AM to 12PM), Sunday (7AM to 10PM), Closed on Monday
    Visit their FB Page

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    Best Restaurants to try Western Food in Melaka


    Here in Melaka we tasted food at different points from various stalls and that was really the best food in Melaka due to being economical with an excellent taste. It has been observed since past that western food in Melaka was said to be one of the expensive eatables because of its quality concerns. Therefore, in the olden days western restaurants were still being impeccably famous and the lists of those restaurants are mentioned as:

    One of the western restaurants i.e. Restoran Kim Swee Huat prepares packed food for tourists and passersby of which mainly were porridge and muesli breakfast. We used to easily grab the huge list of delicious drinks and desserts at Tai Chong Hygienic Ice Café situated at JI. Bunga Raya.

    A cozy restaurant here that serves their customers with economical steak and lamb chops in Majestic Hotel in JI Bunga Raya. Taberna Falal was built in front of the Straits Heritage Hotel was functioning by a Portuguese food that specifically sells real Portuguese food and wines.

    Summerfield’s Coffee shop in the Ramada Renaissance Hotel at JI Bendahara & Caper’s Restaurant located towards the Mediterranean side of the Ramada Renaissance Hotel.

    Whereas, in current days if you visit Melaka you will generally find the original western taste as it was among golden periods of time which relatively depicts Melaka’s beauty as an ancient state. The food in Melaka is not only popular in the city but also in the whole Malaysia. Thus, food is one of the tourist attraction in the city for tourists.

    Western Food in Melaka

    The list of restaurants licensed as best in 2015; serving western food in Melaka is as follows:

    Olio Italian Restaurant

    Olio Italian Restaurant Melaka

    Olio Italian Restaurant can be easily traced in Ramada Plaza Melaka possessing a European style environment being presented with the delicious Italian food items. The most enjoyable and attractive part of this restaurant is its environment of which this restaurant gains highest points among other Melaka restaurants. Its food specialties are termed as variety of seafood including fish items provided with plenty of colorful fruits and vegetables indulged with myriad amalgamation of spices.

    Address: Ramada Plaza Melaka, Jalan Bendahara, 75100 Malacca, Malaysia
    Phone: +60 6-284 8888

    Bamboo Hut Bistro

    Bamboo Hut Bistro Melaka

    The Bamboo Hut Bistro serves both western and local foods, and it is relatively famous for providing delicious western food in Melaka. Thus, far from being enriching their customers with delicious food items it is someway located on the vivid ancient site which in turn attracts myriad tourists. Such as, the number of tourists served here is almost half and half of them are locals because customers not only visit for enjoying food but also come to enjoy the ancient scenery. For instance, specialty of Italian food is Funghi Trifolati with sautéed mushrooms on crostini; a simple truffle with an intense aromatic gravy served with toast.

    Address: 27, Jalan Kota, 75000 Melaka, Malaysia
    Phone: +60 6-282 9282
    Read more about Bamboo Hut Bistro

    The Baboon House

    The Baboon House Melaka

    The Baboon House built on the historic Jonker Street in Melaka engulfed with an American style food. As far as the name of the restaurant is considered; the environment here is like we are enjoying food in a real jungle that’s why it possesses the highest rating and said to be top most of 2015 restaurants.

    Address: Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, 75200 China Town, Melaka, Malaysia
    Read more about The Baboon House

    Melaka Heritage Food Street

    Melaka Heritate Food Street

    Melaka’s Heritage Food Street with numerous food stalls can be found as you visit Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall for shopping. All type of food are available here western and local both in economical rates i.e. especially created for students, travellers, tourists and many others can simultaneously enjoy food here when carrying less money in their pockets.

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    Eleven Bistro & Eleven Bistro Restaurant

    Eleven Bistro & Restaurant Melaka

    Eleven Bistro & Eleven Bistro Restaurant is specialized in providing food mostly for evening and night walkers because of its attractive attributes being mostly enhanced in evenings and nights here in Melaka. The type of food being served is a mixture of various ingredients with the originality of Portuguese ingredients. For instance, if we try food by enjoying the lightings we will definitely be unable to identify its basic ingredient.

    Address: 11,Jalan Hang Lekir, 75200 Malacca Town, Melaka, 75200 Malacca, Malaysia
    Phone: +60 6-282 0011
    Read more about Eleven Bistro Restaurant

    These are some of the restaurants that offer best western food in Melaka. If you have experienced above mentioned western restaurants in Melaka or would like to recommend one, please do so by adding comments below.

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    Melaka Batik House – Home of Colorful Malaysian Batik

    Melaka Batik House

    Batik is any kind of fabric that is imprinted with the colorful patterns via the application of dye and wax. It is an essential part of the Malaysian culture and a traditional art form. The batik industry that has existed and evolved over nearly a century ago and is now one of the roots of Malaysian culture. Although it cannot be ascertained precisely how history begins, the results of this art has been the heritage of world civilization. It is creative medium and if you want to purchase some pieces or learn this art then a visit to Melaka Batik House should be in your list of things to do in Melaka.

    Melaka Batik House

    Melaka Batik House is operating since 2009 with the support of Batik Malaysia, Noor Arfa Batik. Located at the Melaka International Trade Centre (MITC), Melaka Batik house is one of the best tourist attractions in Melaka. The store accurately represents the Malay culture as it is shaped in traditional Malay house. With the wooden gabled roof and bricked stairs that lead to the entrance of the house of innovation.

    Batik has much more to offer to its guests then a mere shop. Here you can find myriad of batik products, such as batik parios for women and batik shirts for men. If you want to create your own batik inspired outfits in your own style then the Melaka Batik house has also stocked up unstitched colorful batik fabric for you. The store also creates outfits of your choice on order with your hand-picked batik fabric. Your shopping in Melaka will be incomplete if you don’t pay a visit to the Batik House.

    Melaka Batik House consists of two floors. On the first floor, visitors can enjoy learning batik class. On the second floor, visitors’ eyes will be spoiled by a variety of beautiful batik designs from designers Melaka Batik House. Price batik sold in the Batik House ranging from Malaysian Ringgit 39 or more. It depends on the quality of fabrics, types of batik and batik motif. Melaka Batik House is also equipped with a large parking area, showroom sales, and making batik workshop to guests. In Malacca Batik House, you can find the entire batik from various parts of Malaysia, ranging from the rare to the popular and modern. For the class of batik workshops for visitors, you can register yourself first.

    History of Batik House, formerly started from a small batik business owned companies Noor Arfa. Claiming self-operating since 1980, Noor Arfa ventured to expand the business by opening boutique batik Melaka Batik House. The Batik House building itself was built in 2008, a year before the boutique opened to the public. The main batik manufacturing plant is located in Kuala Terengganu and is built on an area of ​​2.5 hectares, part of the Industrial Zone Chendering. There are about 140 employees at the factory batik makers.

    Melaka Batik house is not only a place to learn but it is a must visit place in Melaka due to the creative aroma it exhales. Visit the Batik House once and of let us know about your experience there.

    Selamat Tinggal!

    Address: Pt 15251, Melaka International Trade Centre, 75450, Ayer Keroh, Melaka, Malaysia
    Phone: +60 6-232 3900

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    Malacca Straits Mosque – The Floating Mosque in Melaka

    Malacca Straits Mosque - Masjid Selat Melaka

    Malacca Straits Mosque is a floating mosque that can be found in Pulau Melaka. The mosque is popular among locals by the name of Masjid Selat Melaka. The mosque was constructed by the State Government of Melaka at the shore of Selat Melaka in Bandar Hilir. Found at a man-made Island named Pulau Melaka, it is an unparalleled Mosque fabricate at the shoreline of the Strait and at the water level of the ocean. It will look like as it is floating if the water level is high.

    Malacca Straits Mosque – Masjid Selat Melaka

    The construction work of the mosque started in 2003 and completed in 2006. The mosque was officially opened in 24 November 2006 by Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin Ibni Al-Marhum Tuanku Syed Putra Jamalullail, the nation’s Yang Di-Pertuan Agong. Its outline thought originated from the state’s previous Chief Minister, Datuk Seri Mohd. Ali Rustam.

    Exhilarating Features of the Mosque

    The mosque’s most conspicuous peculiarity is its 30-meter-high minaret which additionally works as a beacon, going about as an aide for watercrafts, boats and air ships. A monstrous brilliant arch with blue trims which is unmistakable from a separation sits over its principle request to God lobby. The building joins Middle Eastern compositional style peppered with Malay beautifying components, for example, the utilization of bamboo as a major aspect of its structure and a perfectly cut platform made out of teak wood. The mosque is very much a breathtaking sight around evening time when the entire developing lights. Masjid Selat Melaka is outfitted with different offices which incorporate a multi-purpose corridor, a library and a learning focus.

    Masjid Selat Melaka showcases the magnificence and radiant current Islamic construction modeling. Separated from serving as a position of love, it has additionally turned into a popular vacationer terminus.

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    The Attention Grabber

    The city of Melaka, in Malaysia, is an entrancing spot to visit, and individuals originate from great distances abroad to see its attractions, taste its nourishment and encounter all that it brings to the table. Melaka has a rich history spanning over 600 years, yet in the meantime, it is likewise a quickly creating city, grasping new thoughts and advances. One great illustration of this is the man-made island known as Melaka Island or Pulau Melaka. Some piece of a task to make new organizations and opportunities, it is additionally the home to the Malacca Straits Mosque.

    Numerous mosques far and wide claim to be the loveliest, and the Masjid Selat Melaka positively merits its place among the contenders. It has been outlined so that when the tide is high, the mosque seems, by all accounts, to be skimming on water. This is especially stunning on a brilliant, crunchy dawn.

    The Malacca Straits Mosque has a brilliant vault which is more Middle Eastern in outline than a portion of alternate mosques in Melaka that have a tendency to have a three layered material framework. It has its exceptional and unexpected perspectives, however, and one of these, is its tower that looks really like a beacon.

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    A dynamic spot of love, the Malacca Straits Mosque is likewise a prominent vacationer terminus, as it is exceptionally photogenic. The mosque, which is arranged on Melaka Island, can be arrived at by foot or a consolidation of foot and taxi from the city.

    Other Floating Mosques in Malaysia

    An alternate floating mosque is spotted in Kuala Ibai, a little more than 4km far from Kuala Terengganu town focus, south of Batu Buruk shoreline. The mosque is based on a floating stage with a lake encompassing it. This gives the figment of itself floating on water from a remote place. One of the floating mosque is located in Tenjung Bungah in Malaysia.

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    Best 5 must-visit Shopping Malls and Streets in Malacca

    Shopping in Malacca

    Malacca is a small state in the southern region of Malaysia which holds one of the most exquisite and culturally rich atmospheres. The state is rich in historical heritage and architectural building and ancient landmarks which are main tourist attractions in Melaka. Malaysia is a beautiful Asian country but Malacca is the state that adds even more beauty the country.

    Every tourist want to take something back home as gifts and souvenirs for their loved ones, not to mention delicate regional crafted products for their homes. When, it comes to shopping in Malacca then there are many shopping malls & streets you can visit where local vendors would be selling handmade traditional stuff. Shopping malls in Kuala Lumpur are famous in Malaysia, but Melaka Shopping Malls also offer variety of shopping options to the shoppers.

    Melaka Best Shopping Malls & Streets

    There are a lot of things a tourist can do in Melaka. One of them is certainly shopping. Here is a list of best Melaka shopping mall and street.

    Hatten Square Suites & Shoppes

    Hatten Square Suites & Shoppes is a nice vintage styled but trendy Melaka shopping mall that has a lot of international brands in it which sell products at a cheaper rate than the international market. This mall is a four floored building that has just about everything and every souvenir that you would want to take back home for your family and friends.

    So, if you’re looking for a shopping complex which is not very huge but provides all the basic facilities to the shoppers and feature shops & outlets that offers local products, Hatten Square Suits & Shoppes is the place to go. There is a also a popular heritage street in Melaka by the name Hattan Street. The street is also known as millionaire street as it has been home of richest.

    Address: G-006, Jalan Merdeka, 75000 Melaka, Malaysia
    Phone: +60 6-281 7688
    Read more about Hatten Square Suits & Shoppes

    Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall

    Dataran Pahlawan Melaka MegaMall

    Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall is certainly the biggest shopping mall where you can get modern as well as antique products at affordable price and are reliable. The mega mall is structured in a modern fashion to accommodate the taste of foreign people and has a wide range of shops which includes, Perfume Avenue where those who have an addiction of sweet smelling potions can buy their heart content.

    Dataran Pahlawan mega mall has a lot of tourist landmarks nearby as well, so while one is visiting a local attraction there is no harm in looking around or checking stuff out to take home for beloveds. There are many tourists who seek the true essence of a country in the antique products and for those the good news is that the entire basement level of the mega mall is dedicated to handmade and locally crafted souvenirs and other gift items.

    This Melaka shopping mall attracts plenty of tourist as it is located in the city center. You can not miss Dataran Pahlawan mall once in Malacca.

    Address: BW05, Jalan Merdeka, 75000 Melaka, Malaysia
    Phone: +60 6-283 2828
    Read more about Dataran Pahlawan Melaka MegaMall

    Mahkota Parade Shopping Mall

    Mahkota Parade Shopping Mall Malacca

    Mahkota Parade Shopping Mall is another Melaka shopping mall which is best for shopping in Malacca; if you are planning on buying discounted products and hole the energy to bargain with the vendors as well. The shopping mall is one of a kind and one of the oldest that was opened in 1994, and accommodates more than 200 stores in it. These stores belong to both international brands and popular local brands.

    For the ladies Mahkota Parade Shopping Mall is the place worth checking out since it has a wide range of shoe outlet stores and handbags that are made both locally and shipped in from the international market. This Malacca shopping mall is where you can buy cheaper wear than from the overseas outlets of the same international brand. Inside the mall are IT stores and beauty parlors located as well that offer you refreshing facials when you are tired from all the shopping.

    Address: G8, Jalan Merdeka, 75000 Melaka, Malaysia
    Opening hours: 10.00 am – 10.00 pm
    Phone: +6006 2826151
    Read more about Mahkota Parade Shopping Mall

    Jonker Street

    Jonker Street Melaka (Malacca)

    Jonker Street, which is also very famous worldwide, is a walk worth it. It has centuries old galleries and museums not to mention a collection of local items which include the food products as well that you can buy or flavor your cuisine with it. Jonker Street includes practically all the things you want to buy for friends and family back home, from local crafts to international shipped ones and food items including famous Malaysian spices that can be taken back home and spice things up in your food next time.

    If you like handmade ladies jewels then Jonker Street is the place where you will find unique and beautiful handmade jewels to take back home or give it as a gift to someone beloved.

    Melaka Batik House

    Melaka Batik House

    Melaka Batik House, located near the international trade center is one of the few shopping malls in Melaka where you will find a great range and vibrant batik from all over Malaysia. The shopping area has many other attractions located nearby that are walking distance away and so makes it one of the places that you must check out while in Malacca.

    Address: Pt 15251, Melaka International Trade Centre, 75450, Ayer Keroh, Melaka, Malaysia
    Phone: +60 6-232 3900
    Read more about Melaka Batik House

    Melaka provides both street & shopping mall experiences and it is a fun shopping in Melaka. Do let us know about your shopping experience in Malacca.

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    Melaka Nightlife – 10 Fun Things to do in Malacca at Night

    Melaka Heritate Food Street

    Melaka Nightlife in the city usually revolves around spending time at restaurants, pubs, clubs and discos. After the sunset, apart from just having dinner, you can just hang out at the famous places in town that remain open even after midnight. If you are after more feisty entertainment, then you need to take your route to Melaka Raya. The choice is all yours either you spend time at the bars of hotels, which is quiet and decent or party around at a club.

    What You Would Love About Melaka Nightlife?

    The best things about Melaka is that despite being a small place, it has to offer loads of fun and excitement to locals and tourists. Malacca nightlife is famous because you can enjoy drinks and food indoor or outdoor at some of its renowned clubs and Melaka cafe, dance on the beats of hip hop and jazz or simply enjoy music all night. Here we have listed down the top 10 things you can do in Melaka at night. Read on to know about them:

    1. Mixx Club

    Mixx Club
    Photo Credit Mixx Club FB

    Mixx Club is renowned across the Melaka city for being the ultimate choice of nocturnal crowd, since its initiation in the year 2011. It is one of the important parts of Malacca’s nightlife being a reigning nightclub. One has to make sure that he/she visits this place to party hard. Mixx Club has gained strong hip credibility by assuring that its customers enjoy the beats of the best DJs and live visuals, ever experienced in the entire Asia.

    You might enjoy in the club’s exclusive industrial warehouse type interior, having neon lighting that depicts as if the walls are painted with it. The club is basically divided into two sections, one is Arris, which has live bands playing in the garden café and the other is Paradox, where DJs spin techno and electro beats. However, the drinks offered a bit heavy on the pockets.

    You can reach here on the address: Lot S19, 2nd Floor, Mahkota Parade and call for further details on Tel: +6016 247 6627
    Opening Hours: Paradox: Tuesday – Saturday from 22:00 – Late
    Arris: Wednesday – Saturday from 20:00 – Late

    2. GoGo KTV Lounge – The Jetty

    GoGo KTV Lounge - The Jetty
    Photo Credit GoGo KTV Lounge FB

    The GoGo KTV Lounge is basically within a jetty, which is actually not a jetty but just seems physically like a one and is hence, not for boats and ships to dock here. However, the reason of its popularity is its Jetty shape. This Lounge is built in between Holiday Inn Melaka and Mahkota Melaka. Don’t get confused by the size, this Melaka nightlife spot has lots of punch to offer. You shall find a number of TVs that are pushed within the walls, which are meant to be placed here for the entertainment of its customers. Get hold of the pint of Tiger, Anchor, Guinnes or Heineken and sing the entire night. You can enjoy the best karaoke tunes at the GoGo KTV Lounge, which are charged per hour.

    You can reach here on the address: 12-A, Jalan Syed Abdul Aziz, 75000. For any queries simply call on Tel: +606 288 1788
    Opening Hours: Daily 11:00 – 02:00

    3. Alto Sky Lounge – Hatten Hotel Melaka

    Alto Sky Lounge
    Photo Credit by Alto Sky Lounge FB

    Alto Sky Lounge is found on the 22nd floor of Hatten Hotel Melaka, listed for adding value to the amazing Melaka nightlife. The views from this lounge are highly breathtaking and awesome, presenting a grand view of the entire city. You can enjoy here not so heavy meals, finest wines, special cocktails and exclusive live music.

    Alto Sky Lounge has been beautifully designed, providing its guests a pleasant and impressive ambiance. The outdoor bar can accommodate around 130 guests and there is a vintage spiral staircase, which takes guests to its mezzanine level glass wine cellar. If you want to throw a cocktail party, then Alto Sky Lounge is THE ideal place for it. Its luxurious interior and design is surely great for relaxing after a long tiring day. Located in one of the best hotels in Melaka, Alto Sky Lounge is a must-visit place to enjoy a fun nightlife in Melaka.

    You can reach here on the address Level 22, Hatten Hotel Melaka and call for more details on Tel: +606 286 9696
    Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 16:00 – 01:00
    Saturday, Sunday & eve of public holidays 16:00 – 01:00

    4. Hard Rock Café

    Hard Rock Cafe
    Photo Credit Hard Rock Cafe FB

    Hard Rock Café is the place to be, if you need to spend a great time at night in Melaka. It has been listed among the best Malacca nightlife spots for adding loads of fun and entertainment in the lives of its visitors. It is located just by the side of Malacca River and at night it allures visitors and creates a sense of thrill and excitement to pleasure seekers. The cuisines served are served in generous quantity and good quality, while visitors enjoy great live music. In contrast to other nightlife places, the prices are a bit higher here. However, this café promises to add outclass fun in your time spent here.

    The Hard Rock Café’s live band, keeps the visitors indulged in their favorite rock music, which is accompanied by a mix of blues and pop. You can conveniently reach here on the address: 28, Lorong Hang Jebat and can call for more details Tel: +606 292 5188.

    Opening Hours: Sunday – Thursday 11:30 – 01:00
    Friday, Saturday, eve of public holiday 11:30AM – 02:00 (kitchen closes at 22:30)
    Learn more about Hard Rock Cafe

    5. Libar Cocktail House – Jalan Hang Lekir

    Libar Cocktail House
    Photo Credit Libar Cocktail House Foursquare

    Libar Cocktail House is renowned for having the largest variety of cocktails in the entire Malaysia. Along the Jonker Street Malacca, you shall find this top Malacca nightlife spot, where the sophisticated crowd prefers to spend time. The locals and tourists take pleasure in spending their time at this stylish bar.

    After your tiring exploration of the entire Melaka city, Libar Cocktail House is the place to have a great day end, which is easily found in the centre of the town. Have your favorite cocktails with great music in this heavily crowded pub.

    It can be reached at the address: 15, Jalan Hang Lekir and you can here for more details on Tel: +6012 222 7718 or +6016 617 1777
    Opening Hours: Sunday – Thursday 18:00 – 02:00; Friday & Saturday 18:00 – 03:00

    6. Arena Club – The Jetty

    Arena Club – The Jetty
    photo Credit Arena Club Foursquare

    The Jetty is not an original place for boats and ships to dock in, but it is a place where different Malacca nightlife spots are housed in. Arena Club is one of the many most visited party spots, set in with a glass wall and huge stage reserved for live performances. This place is very much crowded on the weekends.

    You shall be amazed in its fascinating ambiance, all lightened up with colorful patterned spots and dancing light beams, setting an ideal party mood for you. The music played here is an eclectic mix, entertaining visitors with loads of live band performances, house music, R&B and hip hop.

    You can find it on the address: 12-A, Jalan Syed Abdul Aziz and for more information can call at Tel: +6016 675 2000
    Opening Hours: 18:00 – 02:00

    7. Portuguese Square

    Portuguese Square
    Photo Credit Portuguese Square Foursquare

    Portuguese Square came into existence due to the blend of Portuguese and Malay culture, when the descendants respectively agreed on the intermarriages between the two. This has started since the state’s colonization. At this Square, you shall find a number of pubs, food stalls and restaurants and specifically on Saturday evenings great deal of activities take place here. Hence, this makes Portuguese Square an ideal Melaka nightlife spot for tourists.

    The local people come up with their conventional dance styles for entertaining the tourists and to depict their culture celebration. You can take a beer of your choice and spend your night while listening to pseudo-pop bands. You shall definitely enjoy your night spent here and will cherish entire life. The Portuguese Square is also a Melaka tourist attraction not to miss.

    Visit this place at the address: Jalan d’Albuquerque, Off Jalan Ujon Pasir. For any queries call on Tel: +606 283 6538
    Opening Hours: Daily 24 hours
    Learn more about Portuguese Square Melaka

    8. Mr and Mrs Jones Cafe – Jalan Hang Kasturi

    Mr and Mrs Jones Cafe
    Photo Credit Mr and Mrs Jones Cafe Foursquare

    Mr and Mrs Jones Café is a well-known name found in the vicinity of Jonker Street and holds a place in the list of top Melaka nightlife spots. You shall get everything that can add value in spending your night here with affordable drinks, comfortable ambiance and superb live music. The owners themselves are resident musicians, who are capable enough to play all sorts of music ranging from rock to blues.

    The café, however, does not serve any food, so it is recommended that you come here with something to eat from the eateries, found on the Jonker Street. You shall surely have a great time here.

    You can visit this café on the address: 3, Jalan Hang Kasturi and call for further details Tel: +6016 234 4292.
    Opening Hours: Tuesday – Sunday 19:00 – 00:00

    9. Reggae on the River – Lorong Hang Jebat

    Reggae on the River
    Photo Credit Reggae on the River Foursquare

    Reggae on the River, just by the side of the river, offering a pleasant and serene ambiance to visitors, is definitely a part of the Malacca nightlife. This places provides its visitors the option to choose from the finest variety and affordable beers and cocktails. You shall enjoy all sorts of music on the river side here, ranging from classics to latest reggae. The dimmer lights and peaceful flowing river add more to your experience. The ambiance is highly relaxing and you can have a great time, after your tiring exploration of the city.

    It can be found at the address: 88, Lorong Hang Jebat and can call at Tel: +6012 218 7532
    Opening Hours: Daily, 17:30 – 02:00

    10. Epicureo Restaurant, Bar & Lounge

    Epicureo Restaurant Bar & Lounge
    Photo Credit Epicureo Restaurant Bar & Lounge FB

    Epicureo Restaurant, Bar& Lounge is another name gaining popularity among the nocturnal crowd. It is found within the Hatten Square. You shall be impressed to see the faded brick wall, wooden bar stools with leather seats, grey cement floor, everything just matching the sports industrial interior. You shall also see wood-barrel tables with an atrium glass roof.

    Those who love to eat pork, find this place perfect for them, as the menu includes a wide variety of pork dishes like smoked BBQ pork ribs, roasted pork knuckles and crunchy pork belly, all of them are chef’s special, who hold 12+ years of experience. Live band performances, dart playing, draught and many more activities are offered to the visitors at Epicureo to make your nightlife in Melaka memorable.

    You can easily visit this place at the address: F2-003, F2-003a, F2-005, F2-006, F2-007 & F2-008, 2nd Floor, Hatten Square Suites & Shoppes and can call at Tel: +606 281 7662
    Opening Hours: Daily 10:00 – Late

    Another favorite tourist activity at night in Melaka to walk in the famous Jonker Street. The street comes to live at night when locals display their stalls on both sides of the street. You can almost find anything from these stalls, from jewellery to hand-made souvenirs & decoration items. Jonker Street is also home of some of the best cafe’s and restaurants in Melaka.

    Hence, because of the so many options, Melaka nightlife is considered the best. The small city does not let its people get bored and adds value to their experience. For the list of activities, you can do anytime in Melaka, checkout best activities to do in Melaka.

    To recommend a Melaka nightlife activity, please add comments below. If you’re traveling to KL, you might be interesting in knowing about Kuala Lumpur Nightlife as well.

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    Must-Visit Melaka Night Clubs for a Perfect Night Out

    melaka night clubs

    Melaka is famous for its fun-filled and exciting nightlife, which is due to the famous pubs and clubs, having the best music and dance performances along with nocturnal activities. Also, the served delicious cuisines and drinks are not at all heavy on the pockets. Despite being a small town, Melaka has to offer a great nightlife to locals and tourists. You shall find Melaka night clubs with some intricate interior, ranging from dusty and vintage pubs to colorful clubs. Visiting one of these night clubs in Melaka is also one of the recommended things to do in Melaka for tourists.

    Top of the Town Melaka Night Clubs

    There are a number of Melaka clubbing spots, among which the most hottest ones, having awesome environment, refreshing food and drinks and great live music, have been listed down:

    Mixx Club

    Mixx Club
    Photo Credit Mixx Cafe FB

    Mixx Club is famous among the nocturnal crowds and is a renowned Melaka clubbing spot. Since its initiation in December 2011, it is entertaining people and has built a strong credibility in the hip. This club is easily located on Mahkota Parade Shopping Mall on the second floor, having the best DJ’s from across Asia and imported visuals. You shall be fascinated with its neon lights, giving a painting effect on walls, and its industrial warehouse interior. The drinks served here a bit expensive, but rest if you are out here to party all night, then it is the best place to be.

    Hard Rock Café

    Hard Rock Cafe
    Photo Credit Hard Rock Cafe Foursquare

    Found on the street of Jonker Walk, Hard Rock Café is one of the most visited night clubs. You shall enjoy outstanding live music here. Apart from the great live music experience, you shall be overwhelmed to see its scrumptious Tex-Mex menu. Visitors enjoy here sandwiches, smoked barbeque chicken and beef ribs, Percik burger, Legendary burger, seafood char kuey teow and pedas fish. Also, you can go for some delicious desserts and drinks. Hence, you shall have the best nightlife here, during your stay in Melaka. Read more about Hard Rock Cafe Melaka.

    Address: 23 Lorong Hang Jebat, 75200, Melaka, Melaka, 75200, Malaysia
    Phone: +60 6-292 5188

    Reggae on the River

    Reggae on the River
    Photo Credit Reggae on the River Foursquare

    For an amazing night, don’t forget to visit Reggae on the river. As the name implies, it is located just next to the river. Enjoy reggae music, drinks and delicacies by the side of river with your friends, family or loved ones. This place is among best Melaka night clubs, offering drinks at very reasonable prices. The music played here includes classic to modern genre and will give you a feeling that you are in Jamaica. The slow flowing water of the river adds a great value to your experience here.

    Address: Lorong Hang Jebat, 75200 Malacca Town, Melaka, Malaysia
    Phone: +60 12-218 7532

    Alto Sky Lounge

    Alto Sky Lounge
    Photo Credit Alto Sky Lounge Foursquare

    Alto Sky Lounge is present on the Hatten Hotel Melaka, providing breathtaking view of the entire town from the top. If you are with your family and cannot attend the roaring Melaka night clubs, worry no more, as this stunning lounge will definitely fulfill your desire to spend a great night. You shall enjoy here a wide variety of experts’ designed cocktails, tantalizing meals and the finest wines, which shall be accompanied by mesmerizing live music.

    Address: Hatten Square, Jalan Merdeka, Bandar Hilir, 75000 Melaka, Malaysia
    Phone: +60 6-286 9696

    Ringo’s Classic Cafe

    Ringo’s Classic Cafe
    Photo Credit Ringo’s Classic Cafe Foursquare

    Having loads of the best drinks to offer, Ringo’s Classic Cafe is found on the Melaka Jonker Street. It is a dusty, yet highly jam packed Melaka nightclub. Though it is not that good interior wise, but still it is one of the highly preferred gathering spot of music lovers in town. You shall get to see a number of historical memorabilia and other stuff, which will include posters of old beer, clock hangings on the wall, old musical instruments and pre-Malaysia maps. It is a nice place to spend your night with exquisite drinks and food, along with some great music.

    Address: 11, Jalan Hang Lekir, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia
    Phone: +60 16-354 2223

    So, you shall never get bored in the small town of Melaka, as apart from various other things to do in Melaka, you shall be having great fun at night as well. The nightlife of Melaka is though famous in the entire Malaysia.

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    Planetarium Melaka – A must-visit Place for Astronomy Lovers

    planetarium melaka

    Planetarium Melaka is one of the eye catching sites in Melaka where tourists who possess a special love of astronomy related subjects cannot stop them in visiting the planetarium time and again due to its vivacious uniqueness in the whole of Malaysia. The reason of visiting Planetarium Melaka is its scientific and adventurous outlook, particularly designed for the students engaged in studying science related subjects who majors in astronomical subjects basically.

    Planetarium Melaka

    It came into being in the year 2009 and it is found on the right hand side of the Melaka International Trade Centre (MITC). If travelling from the Ayer Keroh toll plaza it will take you around twenty minutes to reach the Planetarium Melaka.

    The query of how it is constructed? It is answered when you see the three-storey building inside also maintaining a set of huge houses that are known to be Islamic-Inspired Complex with plenty of capacity comprised for events therein assigned with a cafeteria. It also contains a great library as well as the giant dome movie theatre where visitors enjoy a series of various timely movie shows.

    Those who wants to advance their studies in astronomy and also those who are developing their career in space technology must necessarily visit this planetarium through they can avail better knowledge of understanding by enjoying with lively space objects.

    It has special astronomical features confined to children, particularly through which such children are capable to learn about the space objects i.e. planets and their orbits in the whole solar system, small objects in a space that provide thorough information related to the universe known as black holes and other galaxies evidence. Specially dummy equipment is designed for those practical space learners and astronomical lovers who wants to know about the Malaysian satellite, Hubble space telescope (invented in 1990 for capturing ongoing innovations in the universe) as well as big and large covets which keep exploding on regular intervals in our universe.

    We also come to know about its further attractions in this planetarium is its movie theatres filled with 2D and 3D cinemas all around the planetarium. The 2D movies running here emphasize on providing facts and figures pertaining to the functioning of cosmic objects and discovery of the universe itself; how it was first discovered? By whom? Such as by viewing those movies, sound effects projected here are for the first time seems to be weary then afterwards it gives the hearing of original sound evaluation can be heard directly from the space.

    Therefore, viewers are enthusiastically influenced for enjoying the lively effects of our huge planet. The second floor is equipped with 3D cinemas constructed for 200 audiences and every movie projected here is less than an hour and on weekends the running of movies is increased to nine times, particularly through which visitors here keep themselves relish with informative and lively movies as well as documentaries therein.

    You cannot just count the attractions of this Planetarium Melaka as it not only enriches you to familiarize with lively astronomical objects, but also engage you for providing authentic study materials in the forms of books, magazines and newspapers in a huge library available here. If you have visited Planetarium Melaka, please share your experience by adding comments below. Here you can find more of Melaka tourist attractions.

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    Visit Jonker Street Melaka (Malacca) for non-stop Fun!

    Jonker Street Melaka (Malacca)

    If you just came from Singapore then you probably know what Bugis street is all about. Same goes for the Petaling street in Kuala Lumpur. In Melaka we have Jonker Street. The long alley is equally popular among locals & tourists and visit to Jonker Street is among best things to do in Melaka.

    Jonker Street Melaka Highlights

    The Jonker Street Melaka is center of city in many aspects. A traveler could find here only antique shop once but the street has grown bigger over time. You will now find a lot of food, clothes, masks, souvenirs and great shopping opportunities. Jonker Street Melaka is like jinnee of fun enclosed in a small bottle. You will find craft shops that won’t let you leave Malaysia without buying some unique gifts for your family and friends.

    The Jonker Street Melaka was once the attraction for rich and wealthy people only, but now it is visitor’s highest priority when in Melaka.

    Shopping at Jonker Street

    For the shopping maniacs, the central boulevard of Chinatown; The Jonker Street Malacca is an enchanting opportunity. You can shop for hours without feeling tired here. The place captures your mind and offers you a huge variety of things that you are bound to wonder what to buy and what to leave. The Malaccan boutiques do not just offer you dress that you can wear only within Malaysia. Just try a Melaka hat or shoes and you will fall for its delicacy and design.

    You can find endless shopping options and stall on both sides of the street. These stalls are run by locals and you will find many Malaysian specific products. You will also find replica of handbags from top brands like Gucci, LV, Channel and others. You will also find selective stalls of various local artists and their creativiey will mesmerize you for sure.

    Related Article: Best 5 Shopping Malls in Melaka

    Jonker Street Food

    There is always something to do great in Malacca so you won’t find yourself wasting time to ask questions like what to do in Melaka. Fun, dining and visiting historical places is the obvious answer.

    Jonker Street Melaka is the center of activity for the food lovers. It is one of those places you will refer as the best food venue in your life.

    You got out in the street with plan to eat something because you had a growling tummy or your mouth watered simply by the sight of food on stalls, you will find all the food attractions you can imagine. Desserts, tarts, sweet and sour dishes, chicken, fast food and drinks- you probably have to re-check your cuisine dictionary to find something absent in the street. Coconut flavor is a must try. You can have coconut shakes, ice-creams or desserts. Fish would be another must-try since Jonker Street fish balls gives you most tender and unforgettable flavor.

    Related Article: Top 10 Must-Try Malacca Food

    Jonker Street Night Market

    Nights never sleep in Melaka. Rather the nights are brighter and more colorful. Especially the nights of Friday and Saturday are worth experiencing. The street shuts down the traffic after the sun sleeps and the party begins. The Jonker Street night market is the fun festival with continuous local music playing in the background.


    You can find the Jonker Street Melaka near the Cheng Hoon Teng Temple & within walking distance from The Stadhuys. The fun can be multiplied by going to street after sunset, taking friends, and not hasting. Take your time and let the party begin.

    Jonker Street Melaka is so popular among the tourists that local authorities had given Jonker Walk experience name to this street.

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    10 Fun Facts about Melaka to know the City better

    Fun Facts about Melaka

    Malacca (or Melaka in Malay) is undoubtedly the most interesting city in Malaysia from a historical perspective. While Malaysia dire sites and monuments full of history compared to its South Asian neighbors, Malacca is a cultural oasis with a rich colonial past. Successively colonized by the Portuguese, the Dutch and the English, the city guard these times many buildings of European inspiration and a certain architectural style. There are various things to do and places to visit in Melaka. But the city is also linked with various interesting facts to know.

    Read on to know 10 fun facts about Melaka which will excite you to visit this amazing place.

    Fun facts about Melaka

    1. The name of Melaka is famous because the city gave the name to the strait between Malaysia and Indonesia which used to borrow all the boats sailing between Europe and China.
    2. Melaka is the third smallest state in Malaysia which is located about 150 miles north of Singapore. It can be reached from Singapore within 3 hours.
    3. Melaka’s history is quite old than the other Malaysian cities. It was founded by Paramesawar, the last king of Singapura. He ruled from 1389 to 1398. He established Melaka in 1402 when he found a port strategically located in the narrowest point of Melaka Straits.
    4. Melaka has a long history of invasion and destruction. It was first captured by Portuguese in 1511 by General Alfonso de Albuquerque who sailed from Goa to Melaka.The Dutch defeated the Portuguese in 1641 with the help of the Sultan of Johore. They ruled Melaka from 1641 to 1798.The Dutch surrendered Melaka to the British under the Anglo-Dutch Treaty of 1824 in exchange for Bencoolen on Sumatra. It was then ruled by British between 1826 and 1946. It was a part of the Straits Settlements and became part of the Malayan Union after the dissolution of the crown colony.
    1. Melaka is quite a diverse society with 63% Malays, 25% Chinese, 6% Indians, and small communities of Kristan with partial Portuguese ancestry and community of Eurasians with Dutch ancestry. Islam is the dominant religion of Melaka i.e. 66% percent, along with about 25% Buddhists, 5% Hindus, and 3% Christian.
    2. Melaka has several antique sites that transport you back to the time. The Melaka Sultanate Palace Museum and the Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum are the most famous museums of Melaka.
    3. The city has heritage sites belonging to every religion. For instance, Melaka has Sri Pogyatha Vinoyagar Moorthi Temple that is the converging point of Hindus of Malaysia. It was built in 1781 where devotees believed to be granted what they ask.Melaka has a monumental Christ Church constructed in 1753. The church reflects Dutch architecture as it was ceiling skylights, hand-crafted church pews, copper replica of the Bible, and a reproduction of “The Last Supper”.Melaka also has historical Mosque. Kampung Hulu Mosque is the oldest mosque in Melaka. The mosque is also known as “Harmony Street” as it is located nearby the Sri Poyatha Moorthi Temple and Cheng Hoon Teng Temple. It was built between the year 1720 and 1728 and was renovated in 1892. The mosque is one of the most interesting places to visit in Melaka as its architectural design is an amalgamation of Hindu, Chinese, Sumatran, and the Melaka Malay styles. Its minaret resembles pagoda.
    1. One of the fun things to do in Melaka is to visit Taming Sari Tower. It goes 260 feet in the sky. Its height and revolving structure lets you view Melaka from bird-eye-view.
    2. Melaka also has typical tourist attractions such as the Melaka zoo which is second largest zoo in Malaysia with more than 1,200 animals. The Taman Mini Malaysia and Mini ASEAN cultural parks are also located in Melaka. These parks houses architectural styles of all the 13 Malaysian with numerous arts and crafts and other items depicting their culture.
    3. Like any city, Melaka also has atypical mean of transport. These are the bicycle rickshaws decorated with loads of flowers and vigorously painted with several colors.

    These fun facts about Melaka is not only a historical city but it has a lot more than that. It has everything that can please tourists via its diverse culture, adventurous places, exciting commute system, and recreational parks etc.

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