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  • Spa Melaka

    Spa Melaka – Best Authentic Spa & Wellness Centers in Melaka

    Whenever you’re traveling and visiting a place, you’re interested in knowing tourist attractions, places to visit and activities, you can do. You also get tired exploring new places and massage & spa’s centers can give you must needed relaxation. There is almost everything for tourists in Melaka and that includes some of the best & […] More

  • best-restaurant-to-try-western-food-in-melaka

    Best Restaurants to try Western Food in Melaka

    Here in Melaka we tasted food at different points from various stalls and that was really the best food in Melaka due to being economical with an excellent taste. It has been observed since past that western food in Melaka was said to be one of the expensive eatables because of its quality concerns. Therefore, […] More

  • planetarium melaka

    Planetarium Melaka – A must-visit Place for Astronomy Lovers

    Planetarium Melaka is one of the eye catching sites in Melaka where tourists who possess a special love of astronomy related subjects cannot stop them in visiting the planetarium time and again due to its vivacious uniqueness in the whole of Malaysia. The reason of visiting Planetarium Melaka is its scientific and adventurous outlook, particularly […] More

  • Gadek Hot Springs Melaka

    Visit the Fascinating Gadek Hot Springs Melaka

    The hot springs attract tourists in general, as there are many health benefits associated with them. On your trip to Melaka, you can visit the famous Gadek Hot Springs, which is one of the main tourist attractions in Melaka. Gadek Hot Springs Melaka Gadek Hot Springs Melaka can be seen here in Kampung Ganun within […] More

  • Romantic Restaurants for Candle Light Dinner in Melaka

    Best Romantic Restaurant for Candle Light Dinner in Melaka

    If you are looking for romantic restaurants in Melaka that offers candle light dinner & a romantic ambiance then you’re at the right place. We have looked at some of the best restaurants in Melaka that serve delicious food and also provide the option of candle light dinner in Melaka. Candle Light Dinner in Melaka […] More

  • Top 6 must try cafe in Melaka

    Melaka Cafes – Top 6 Must Try Cafe in Melaka

    Melaka, the historical capital of Malaysia is famous for many things and one being the food of Melaka which is a fusion of Malay & Chinese. The cafe’s in Melaka are a perfect place to try these mouth-watering food which is one of the reason behind the popularity of Malacca. The cafe in Melaka not […] More

  • in

    Money Changer Melaka – Tips & Places to Change $ in Melaka

    The general necessity for grabbing money changer Melaka is its authenticity and availability within the route of Melaka as it is known to be an essential port and one of the hectic trading routes in the whole East. Through the historical point of view, money changer Melaka was functioning since 10,000 BC. It was said […] More

  • fnding-the-best-vegetarian-restaurant-in-melaka

    Finding the Best Vegetarian Restaurant in Melaka

    Melaka being a UNESCO World heritage site not only possesses antique remnants, but while visiting this state people generally get familiarized with numerous restaurants here; renowned in its taste as well. You will consequently find plenty of unique myriad vegetarian restaurant in Melaka. These restaurants are famous since the period of olden days when Melaka’s […] More

  • Travel by bus from Melaka to Penang

    How to Travel by Bus from Melaka to Penang

    It is really amusing as we discover the ancient sites in Melaka such that during the tour we are unable to realize the tiredness of viewing the ancient sights of Melaka. Penang is also one of the state of Malaysia just like Melaka; after exploring Melaka being in Malaysia we must travel to visit Penang […] More

  • Visit-Golden-Screen-Cinema-Melaka-for-non-stop-Entertainment

    Visit Golden Screen Cinema Melaka for non-stop Entertainment

    The famous golden screen cinema Melaka is said to be a known and pleasurable spot in order to enrich yourself with your favorite movies. Apart from an historical beauty of Melaka state; watching movies in the golden screen cinema are known to be another phase of temptation in the association of its ancient remnants. Golden […] More

  • bus-from-melaka-to-singapore

    Malacca to Singapore – Bus from Melaka to Singapore

    After reaching Melaka and viewing all the historical remnants of Melaka town, me and my group of four friends were still enthusiastic to travel further by only the service through which we not only enjoy travelling but also wanted to take a chance to capture the remarkable scenery in between travelling to Singapore as we […] More

  • bus from melaka to kuala lumpur

    How to travel by bus from Melaka to Kuala Lumpur

    After memorizing the ancient state of Melaka we decided to travel to Kuala Lumpur. We therefore got to know that travelling from Melaka to Kuala Lumpur by bus is relatively amusing. For instance, we can normally avail travelling by getting a bus from Melaka to Kuala Lumpur, such that the route is 121.51 kilometers long […] More