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  • Jonker Street Melaka (Malacca)

    Visit Jonker Street Melaka (Malacca) for non-stop Fun!

    If you just came from Singapore then you probably know what Bugis street is all about. Same goes for the Petaling street in Kuala Lumpur. In Melaka we have Jonker Street. The long alley is equally popular among locals & tourists and visit to Jonker Street is among best things to do in Melaka. Jonker […] More

  • baba nyonya heritage museum Melaka

    Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum in Melaka

    Baba Nyona Heritage Museum is one of the best place in Melaka to learn about Paranakan culture, art & history. Paranakan culture is a fusion of Chinese & Malay, started in 15th century when Chinese merchant landed in Melaka. A visit to Baba Nyonaya Heritage Museum is a best way to learn about evolution of […] More

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    Melaka River Tests your Creative Photography Skills

    Melaka is a historical city love by photographer and yet explore by few. There are a lot of places which will test your creative photography skills and Melaka River is one of them. This historical river was the main spot for all the trades in past. You can hop on to Melaka River Cruise for […] More

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    Jonker Street Melaka is a Perfect Spot for Night Photography

    Jonker Street Melaka Photo Gallery One place that all photographer loves in Melaka is Jonker Street. Your camera will not rest and you will be tempted to take snaps on the both sides of the Jonker Street Melaka. There are plenty of wall art, old buildings, shopping stalls, food stalls, colors, people and much more. […] More

  • Jonker Walk Melaka

    Jonker Walk Melaka, a Must have Experience in Malacca

    She walks in beauty, like the night Of cloudless climes and starry skies And all that’s best of dark and bright Meet in her aspect and her eyes Jonker Walk Melaka, once upon a time .. Probably she was walking in Malacca because the Jonker Walk Melaka is a beautiful journey where every feeling is […] More

  • best nyonya food in melaka

    3 Places to try Best Nyonya Food in Melaka

    Fusion dishes are almost always a delightful surprise to the taste buds. When you are in Melaka, your tongue will have certainly a lot of such great tasty and yummy experiences. The unique Chinese taste and cuisine expertise combined with the Malay food experience offers the best Nyonya food that are popular in Malaysia specially […] More

  • Melaka Wonderland Theme Park

    Melaka Wonderland Theme Park & Resort in Malaysia

    Melaka is one of must-have Asian experiences in Malaysia. When in Melaka, it is advised to sleep less and go out more. The days spent in Melaka can be most treasured ones especially when the family is together. Melaka Wonderland is one of those tourist attractions in Melaka that will capture you in colored balloons […] More

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    A Famosa Water World in Melaka

    There is no dearth of water sites in Malaysia. But, probably none can match the excitement of A Famosa Water World in Melaka. Human hand has beautified the Malaysian land with perfect use of water for fun. A Famosa Water World Highlights Thanks to artificial water arrangements that one does not have to miss oceans […] More

  • St Paul Church Melaka

    St Paul Church Melaka, 16th century wonder by Portuguese

    There are some places in Melaka that are attractive for their entertainment perspective but St Paul Church Melaka is for the history lovers. It also tests the ambition of visitors by having them climb the hill & having a panoramic view of Melaka City. About the St Paul Church Melaka The St Paul Church Melaka […] More

  • Malacca Food

    Top 10 must-try Malacca Food

    In the one word for one country quest, the list will look something like Pizza for Italy, Noodles for China, Biryani for India, Burgers for America then what for Malaysia? Malacca or Melaka is a Malaysian state that is a hub of Malaysian tourism from many aspects. Malacca food is one of main attractions as […] More